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my awesome septum

A few months ago I decided to finally get going on my plans for my long thought about septum piercing. I had wanted one for about a year and I was in love with how they looked. I had recently moved from a very small town to Portland but I was attached to the piercing shop down in my hometown. I had already gotten pierced there once, so I knew that piercer (sort of). So one weekend I ventured down there and asked the piercer to make an appointment to get my septum done. She took one long look at me and said she only does them "on her friends." I was pretty pissed. She starts rambling about how she has done a few recently, but doesn't feel comfortable doing them on people she doesn't know. I'm sorry, but isn't it usually the point to do them in order to get good at it? Her response to my request pretty much lost her a customer, not to mention the business of my friends in that town.

Well after getting denied there, I surfed the Internet and found a place that only does piercing. I knew that septum's can be done crooked or in the wrong spot, so I figured if I found a place that specialized in piercing and wasn't a tattoo/piercing place, I would have a good chance of it turning out perfect. I found a place over on 23rd called Robot Piercing. I went in to schedule an appointment, but they said they only do walk-ins. I had planned to make it for the next weekend so I could have my "piercing buddy" with me, so I said I would be back another day.

So I left Robot Piercing, and about 10 minutes later, I decided I should just get it over with now since I had the time and cash on me, and plus I had psyched myself up about it. I called a friend up and we headed back down there. I had to wait a little bit because the piercer wasn't there at the time. Seemed kind of funny that a place that does ONLY piercing didn't have a piercer in, but I didn't care, although the wait did make me more nervous. I had already had my nostril pierced a few years ago, and it could not have gone any worse. It hurt like nothing I could ever imagine, so I had imagined that a septum would hurt just as bad, so I had some fears.

About 10 minutes later, my piercer shows up, Autumn. I tell her I want my septum done, and I wanted a small 16g retainer. I felt like smaller rings/retainers looked good with girls, something tiny and dainty. She had to dig around to find one I wanted, but she found it. After setting some things up in the back, she took me to the piercing room. It was clean, and I hopped up on the table. She felt around for the "sweet spot" and placed a few black marks, making sure they were centered. She really made sure it would be straight and in the right spot and that I was ok with the placement.

She had me lay down and made sure I kept breathing, and within 2 seconds the needle was through and it was over. It didn't hurt in the slightest; there was only a feeling of something being in my nose, most likely because her fingers were up there. Next she put in the retainer, which strung, but no much. I asked her to flip it up because I had to see family later in the day. She had to bend the retainer out while it was in my nose because it was too small. It wasn't the straight bar retainer, it was sort of an omega shape. It throbbed for I don't know, maybe 15 minutes afterwards, but it was NOTHING compared to getting my nostril pierced. I would get my septum done 100 times over then get a nostril again.

I had told my piercer about the jerk back in my hometown who was against piercing me and she started reaming her about how it was unprofessional and she "needed to get over the bullshit." It was pretty awesome. I would recommend Autumn to anyone, she was nice and made it a very happy experience.

The healing was easy, I did salt soaks for a while, and it only hurt once when I snagged it a few days later. It was odd to get used to, the retainer tickled a lot when I wore it down. Other then that, it's been great, my favorite piercing, worth every penny. Plus, I can hide it when I need to, not too many piercings you can say that about. Currently, I usually wear a circular barbell or segmented ring.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: autumn
Studio: robot+piercing
Location: portland%2C+or

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