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It did hurt, but it looks perfect!

I've always been interested in piercings, especially the look of little metal pieces of jewelery in odd places on the body, but after my lobes getting infected and the holes enlarging so that the back of the earing actually fell out through the hole, I told myself I would never again put holes in my body. This happened at the age of 12.

I just turned 21 about 3 months ago, and I was talking to a friend of mine about body mods. He was telling me about the piercings he was saving up for, one of them including a nose ring as well, and after telling him my experience, he told me it sounded like the care of the piercing was the problem (I was told to use alcohol, not warned against soaking in a bath). This started the thought process that would lead up to my new hole!

I debated with myself quite a bit about whether or not it would be worth it. I had all these memories of the complications I had suffered through before, but also thought about the poor care I had put my ears through. The absolute last thing I wanted was my nose to get infected, and the horrible experience to be repeated somewhere where the infection could travel to my sinuses (my boss planted this idea in my head, I thank her for implanting the fear in my head).

After a few months of consideration, and quite a bit of reading about risk of infection and complications, as well as different care methods, I found a place that was running a 20 dollar special, and called to set up an appointment. My best friend even promised to go with me, in case I made a fool of myself during the procedure (I have NO pain tolerance at all, I was scared).

I walked into the shop on the day of. I paid and the girl explained all of the care steps to me in great detail to make sure I understood, she was very helpful and answered some of my questions for me as well. The shop looked very nice as well, very professional which helped to put my mind at ease. I sat and waited for the girl ahead of me to get her tattoo finished. Bryan finished up the last detail and she was given her care instructions, and I was called in.

I sat down on a stool, and he asked me which side, which was the right. He dotted my nose and got the needle ready. I remember shutting my eyes very tightly when he brought the needle up to my face. He chuckled and told me to relax, he said it would sting a bit but it wouldn't be unbearable. He told me to breathe in, which I did, and before I could even ask when he was going to put the needle in, he put it through.

The needle went in, and yes, it hurt. Quite a bit, actually, more than shots at the doctor's office (which was another reason I was afraid, I hate needles and pain!). I know most people who get piercings say this isn't a very painful one, but it hurt me. I made the mistake of opening my eyes and seeing the needle sticking out of my nose. It was freaky to see the needle sitting there, but at the same time it was kind of neat, it solidified in my mind that I finally braved up and got this done!

He chased the needle out with the stud, and said "That's it!". I walked over the mirror, and it was love at first sight. He put it in the perfect spot. I thanked him and made my way out to show my friend, who was also in disbelief of how fast it went! There was a couple in the waiting room waiting for the husband's turn for his tattoo, and the wife was talking to me about the piercing (she had a few). She told me it suited my face well, and asked me if I was ever going to consider more piercings seeing as how this one went so well.

I know I felt quite a bit of pain, but to be honest now I don't remember what it felt like, and it hasn't been hurting since. It's still finishing up it's healing, but I haven't had any complications yet, and it looks wonderful. The next big step for me is getting new jewelery, and I'm sure this will further cement my love for my little nose hole.

It was worth the pain, I love how it looks. I have even started to research rook, tragus, and helix piercings for my ears, which I plan on getting done in the next four or five months!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Bryan
Studio: No+Name+Tattoos
Location: Utica%2C+MI

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