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First Piercing Ever. The Nostril

When I was about 12 I decided that I wanted my nose pierced. It was an obvious "No" from the parents so I didn't even bother to ask. Now that I'm 16, it seemed a little more likely they'd allow me. I've had a neon pink hair-do since about 6th grade, so what could a nose-ring do to my "image" in the work place.
I live on Long Island, New York so I had many options in terms of where I'd like to get it pierced. Many tattoo shops are pretty stingy and dirty around here though. I decided with House of Colour in Bayshore. To be honest, it was probably because they had a nice sign and were open at 10 at night. We walked in, filled out a good amount of paper work and then preceded upstairs to the piercing room. The total was about 50 bucks including jewlery and a tip. (always tip your piercer) In my county, you have to be 18 to be pierced without the consent of a parent or guardian, so I had a few extra things to fill out. This was prolonging my wait time greatly and I was starting to get really, really, shakily, nervous. I was considering backing out, but I couldn't now because I had brought a few friends with me and if I left, I would never hear the end of it. I took a deep breath, and climbed those stairs.
At the top I discovered a very dark, sinister looking kind of place. At first glance, the place looked kind of dirty, but then I realized that everything was just painted a dark colour, or some shade of red. There were a couple of people hanging out on couches making the area feel really calm and relaxed. The rooms were separated by panels of glass which was kind of nice because when I got into the chair, (something like a dentists chair) I could watch the other people shoving needles through their faces. The room I was in was in fact clinically sterile. My piercer asked me to pick out some jewelry. I opted for the CBR because I figured it would be easier to heal and clean. (turned out to be a good choice) This is about when I started to get incredibly light-headed. My piercer's incessent chatter was oddly comforting. He told me to breath deeply. I closed my eyes. I heard him rip the needle out of the airtight package. I felt the marking pen on my nose. I felt the cold of the needle being lined up against my skin. For what seemed like forever nothing was happening and on one exhale, that thick hollow needle was through my face. It was almost painless. I actually said, "Is it pierced?" I couldn't believe it. I opened my eyes to find the needle still in my face. This was shocking because I really couldn't feel it. I felt the tiniest bit of blood dripping onto my lips. He slid in the CBR like the pro he was, and I was outta there.
Apparently, my face was white because everyone kept asking me if I was okay and If I was going to make it down those stairs. It worked. We drove home. The whole car ride was just a feeling of euphoria. I couldn't believe that this piece of metal was actually piercing my nose. It was a part of me. It was connected to my body. It was a strange high to say the least. I cleaned it with the provided H2Ocean and went to sleep. Sleeping was surprisingly easy. In fact, I accidentally slept on my face the whole night. I woke up to some intense crusties. They came of with ease with the saline solution. I spun the ring around a little to clean the inside. I repeated this procedure about 3 times a day for 2 weeks. At first I tried to follow the LITHA rule but that didn't last long. It's really fun to spin around and play with! It's prevented me from biting my nails even. It's been about 2 months now. I don't really clean it at all anymore. It's not completely healed but it doesn't hurt at all. No swelling, no puss, no seeping. And, it was the start of a new hobby. I'd recommend a nose piercing to anyone. It was virtually painless, and healing was a breeze. Most people did not like that I had a nose ring instead of a nose stud. Some geezers said that "it ruins my face" or "destroying your career." Seeing as I'm 16 and my career is public school student, it doesnt have any effect on my life. Ultimately, we don't get piercings for how we want other people to react. My nose ring was for me. It was something I wanted to do to MY body so as long as that is true, no amount of critisism can stop me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: House+of+Colour
Location: Bayshore%2C+NY

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