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First piercing other than lobes!

I'd been thinking of getting my septum for some time before I finally decided to in September of 2006. My parents had given me money to buy some clothes, so of course, i headed to Queen Street mall where i found a few cheap things. By almost the end of the day, I'd realised I still had about $40 spare and a half price card for The Piercing Shop, which is located in Queen Street.

I wasn't sure whether I should get my septum pierced or not, because of my parents, but my friend was telling me you can just easily hide it, so I thought well why not then. So me and my friend headed up the stairs to The Piercing Shop to see if they could squeeze me in before they closed. I walked in and it was very clean and smelt very sterile, and from that point I was almost certain it was the best piercing shop I'd ever been in to. The girl behind the counter was very nice and assured me there was enough time for me to get it done. She asked me what size circular barbell I wanted and I chose a 5/16", thinking 1/4" would be too small, and I was definately right because the 5/16" fitted perfectly.

Anyway, so she got me to fill out a form, which was pretty straight forward. It just asked me for my name and address and DOB. I was suprised she actually didn't say anything about me being only 15 years old. I sat down and waited for about 10 minutes while an apprentice set up everything. She then called me in and asked me to take a seat. I was so nervous by this point and was actually thinking about not getting it done anymore. I asked her if it would hurt and she told me only a little bit, so that made me abit more settle i think. But then the piercer came in and asked me how I was and everything, and then I asked her the same question, if it would hurt or not and she straight out said 'yes'. I was back into a rage of nervousness(if thats even a word ha) again.

She then tilted my chair back so i was almost laying down and put some gloves on. The apprentice then gave me some squishy balls to squeeze, which did come in handy. The piercer then had a look at my nose and cleaned it out with a cotton bud with some sort of disinfectent on it. It was very strong smelling, especially being up my nose and all. She then marked both sides of my septum. She also showed me how everything was packaged and new as she opened everything.

Finally, it was time to get pierced. She sat the clamp gently on my septum, then held tighter once it was in correct place, then it clicked into place, then clicked into place again. The piercer then handed the clamp over for the apprentice to hold, that was sitting next to me on my right. I wasnt sure what she was doing at first but every time it clicked, it became more tighter and my eyes were filling up with water. I asked her if there was anymore pain coming and she told me that we were no where near done yet. That was horrible to hear but she was nice, believe it or not. It then clicked in one more time. I opened my eyes quickly and saw a needle in her hand, so I quickly closed them again. Squeezing the stress balls, I felt the needle go through. By the time it was completely through I could have almost jumped up in excitement. It felt so good going through because it didnt hurt a single bit. Only the clamp was killing my nose. She then put the ring in, and I finally completely opened my eyes. Tears were pouring out of my eyes, not me actually crying though, just from the clamp. So she gave me a tissue to wipe my eyes and she then cleaned everything up.

I stood up and had a look in the mirror, I was so excited about my new piercing. It was my first one other than my ears. She asked me if i needed to put it up my nose for hiding reasons and of course I said yes. So she got some ring opener pliers and opened it abit for me. I thanked her for it and paid at the counter and left.

The Piercing Shop is a good place to get pierced, but because I was paying half price I didn't get given any advice on how to look after it or any recommened aftercare. I didn't think of asking at the time either because I was so excited about it and I was young and dumb, and because of that it was a very promblematic piercing for quite a long time, mainly because I had no idea at the time of how to look after such a piercing. So make sure you know exactly how to take care of your piercing before you get it done.

All in all, it's been a great piercing to have, and it's perfectly fine now.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 March 2008
in Nose Piercing

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Studio: The+Piercing+Shop
Location: Brisbane

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