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And people ask me what a septum piercing is. [diy]


Hmm.. So i'm trying to put everything together and make a story out of it. I've never been good at that, I guess I'll start off by saying; bmezine was literally heaven for me when I found it. bme along with other things was what helped me decide that i want to endure a suicide suspension as soon as i'm old enough and ready. Crap thats completely off topic.

But on to the septum. I sure as hell didn't like septum piercings when I first saw them, Until I looked at them a bit more. But then again, that goes for plenty of other piercings that I'm in love with now :D.
But my story is going to be about a self-done piercing, yes. Now everyone knows that it is completely stupid to pierce yourself, so I won't bother saying it. I've pierced myself a number of times and half the reason I do it is because of the amazing rush it gives me, and to know that I've overcome yet another challenge. Even if it is as small as a piercing. I hope that makes sense.

I already had six piercings before my septum. Two in each ear with the first holes stretched to 2g, nostril, and self done tongue web [which is healed and i'm very proud of ^-^]. The tongue web wasn't enough though. I started itching for another piercing that I would be able to keep & hide. I needed something visible on my face besides my oh so common nostril piercing, and woah. SEPTUM, OH MY GOD. SEPTUM. It hit me and I completely decided to do it. No doubts, whatsoever. I had already knew about the piercing, i just never figured that i would want it myself. So there. Bam. I WAS going to do it. Not at that exact moment though. If I was going to be stupid and do it myself, I'd at least research some stuff and look up on it.

So I finally was confident about it and how its done, aftercare and all that jazz. Now here comes the stupid part. Sewing needle.. yes i used one. I would have gone out and bought a piercing needle, as it would have made things so much easier. But I didn't have the time or money or.. well.. knowledge of where, in this body modification-deprived town, I could find a place that would sell me one.

Okay I'll quit rambling and get to the piercing part. The 20g sewing needle. A 16g barbell I guess you could call it, which was straight not curved. and an unused 20g CBR that I had taken the ball off of. I had it forever, just never found any use for it. All which was not-so-properly cleaned with some hot water and saline solution.

I found where I needed to pierce it, and pushed the needle through with ease. When people say its hard to get it through the last layer of skin, I say just shove it as hard as you can. No holding back. That did the trick for me. Do professional piercers ever have trouble getting a needle through your nose? Doubt it. Thats because they do it quick.

Anyway, I left the needle in for fifteen minutes, which passed by very very quickly. Then I grabbed the 16g barbell [with one of the balls screwed off] and pushed that carefully through after I took the needle out. I did that so the hole would be much big enough for me to fit the 20g CBR in. I had learned from earlier experience that if you just pierced it with the needle and tried to shove something in there, it was not going to work at all.

So, I left the barbell in for fifteen minutes as well. Then I took it out and quickly put the CBR in. RELIEF. It fit. I stretched the ring out a bit and flipped it up in my nose. Perfect, finally.

I cleaned it with some antibacterial soap really good, then went to bed. I woke up the next morning and flipped it down to check and clean it, and see if it was crooked and by god it was. At least it appeared to be. It wasn't though, it was the ring. I had bent it around so much trying to widen it out so I could flip it up, and apparently it lost its round shape. Which was a relief, actually. I had already decided I would have kept the piercing even if it was crooked, I had wanted it so much.

I've had it for two weeks now and its been doing better than I expected. It was a bit sore for the first week, but its a lot better now. I've cleaned it properly, and I believe I'll make it back to school with a new, healed, wonderful septum piercing ^-^

Oh, and by the way, i titled this story "And people ask me what a septum piercing is", because when I would tell people about them, they would say "what the hell is a septum?", and I would have to explain. That was pretty annoying.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 July 2007
in Nose Piercing

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