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Septum Piercing, Stretching and Hiding

I had never considered a Septum piercing for myself. In the early days of me getting into mods I always felt it wasn't that good looking a piercing and I think I had my mother's bemoaning, "bull rings" still bouncing around inside my head.

However, my opinion started changing as I got more and more into both modification and the whole BDSM thing where Septum piercings are much more common. I found the aesthetic of the septum piercing as a part of the whole leather/rubber skinhead thing a real turn-on. I know this isn't going to be a typical route to liking Septum piercings, but each to their own!

Despite my new found love for the Septum piercing I had never really considered one for myself. Despite having other piercings (I had had my nipples done a couple of times, although had retired both sets at that time, and had a PA stretched to 0ga (c. 8mm) and being into BDSM and the whole fetish scene thing I also own and control an investment company. Whilst my own company is very youthful (I am only young after all...) and open minded in our approach this certainly isn't the case for the majority of this industry. I can get away with being a bit exuberant because I am young and have a blunt, cheeky personality but there is a fine line between being cheeky and offending the sensibilities of your peers. I like mods but at the end of the day it is my career which pays for them. So... my haircuts have always remained somewhat conservative, along with my dress code for work and I had always considered any mods above the neck to be a complete no-no.

However, the turning point for the Septum came one night whilst my partner and I were 'enjoying ourselves'. My partner is no where near as kinky or as sexual as I am and so it was a pleasant suprise for me to find myself tied to the bed by my partner for a change (to clarify... we have an open relationship. That is a whole another conversation...). For some reason he decided to take a 2ga (6.25mm) circular bar-bell from my bedside table and placed it so it looked like the ring was coming out my nose. He then said, "I like that on you. I think you are going to get that done". Needless to say this idea turned me on enormously...

I proceeded to research jewellery choices furiously over the coming days and discovered that with proper piercing placement there were a number of jewellery options which would render the piercing completly invisible unless I wanted to wear the ring, which would be for play, shock value when not in work, etc..

Now I have extolled the virtues of Manchester Piercing Studio in numerous postings before (now Holier Than Thou, 105a Oldham Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, UK) and after the success with my PA there was nowhere else I was going to be going for my Septum. I consulted my Manchester Piercing Studio leaflet and they had Septum piercing with a retainer on their standard price list which was exactly what I was looking for.

That week, on the Wednesday, I popped in during my lunch hour to see if they could do it. As it wasn't genital work I knew they accepted walk-ins. However, the piercer wasn't there but they told me that if I popped in the next day then they would make sure to offset their lunch so they could fit me in. I thanked the receptionist profusely and went back to the office.

The next day I turned up at the same time and they were ready for me. I signed the paperwork, paid my money (they took credit cards, which was fantastic. Holier Than Thou, in succession, do too...) and went back to the piercing room. All this was familiar to me from my PA although it was a different girl doing the piercing this time. I asked about an anasthetic but was advised that for a Septum it was unlikely to have any effect but would make the piercing more difficult as it would make the area swell. She put me at ease saying that it wouldn't be that bad and everything would be OK. I took a deep breath and gritted my teeth.

All the piercing pre-requisites were neatly laid out on a stainless steel tray wrapped in their sterile packages which was exactly what I expected and wanted to see. She had me sit on the side of the bench and then confirmed that she would do the piercing as high and as far forward as possible to ensure it was as invisible as possible. She clamped my septum and then I got the obligatory, "Take three deep breaths in and out again". On the third exhale the needle went through. I definitely felt it go 'crunch' but there was nothing more to it than that and the pain was no worse then when you burst a spot in the end of your nose (how gross do I sound now?!).

The cannula was quickly replaced with the retainer and then she inspected her work and confirmed it was all straight. I had a look in the mirror and couldn't see anything which was exactly the result I wanted.

I went straight back to work and really had no problems with it. After about an hour the endorphines started to wear a bit thin and I then felt like I had been punched on the nose but there was no bleeding or discernable bruising which I was pleased about. It was a bit uncomfortable for a week when I blew my nose and picking my nose (I am not really selling myself here, am I?!) was out of the question. I used dilute salt solution and cotton buds (Q-Tips for the Americans...) for keeping it clean which tickled and usually made me sneeze but did achieve the desired result. Within a couple of weeks it was completely healed and painless.

It was initially pierced at 14ga (1.6mm) and I did find that the first retainer being quite narrow on the end rubbed the inside of the outside of my nostril (if you know what I mean...!) which was quite irritating. However, as a result of regularly playing with my Septum piercing thorugh picking my nose it stretched up quite quickly and I was soon onto my old favourite, Tribalectic, ordering various different sizes of bullet Septum retainer to see what worked. The stretch to 12ga (2.0mm) solved this particular problem and it was fairly quick to go up to 10ga (2.4mm), 8ga (3.2mm) and then 6ga(4mm).

At 10ga the retainer did start to become visible from certain angles or when I rubbed my nose and one day, walking along Sloane Street in London on the way to the Harrods sale, my mother spotted it. She basically said in a hushed tone, "You have a big white bogey". By this time the piercing was well healed so I made a point of getting my handkerchief out and quickly removed the retainer and nothing more was said. Since then I have always been careful to remove it whenever anyone important or too conservative was around. I can actually remove it for a couple of weeks with the only effect being that it shrinks back to 10ga which seems to be its ambient size these days. It stretches back up again very quickly so this is no problem at all.

When I wear a ring in it I tend to wear a 5/8" diameter circular barbell in which ever guage I am currently at. This is large enough to shock without looking massively stupid. I have had a lot of compliments that suitably accessorised it really suits me and is very horny which I guess is the exact reaction I'm after. A few old grannies have been shocked by it (or was that the rubber jeans?!) and the doorman on my apartment building raised an eyebrow when he first saw it but apart from that it has been a veritible hit.

I reackon that the Septum is ideal for anyone who wants a piercing above the neck which is easy to hide even when newly pierced. I would thoroughly recommend Holider Than Thou to anyone in the North West of the United Kingdom and wish them every success. They deserve it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Aug. 2006
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember+her+name...
Studio: Manchester+Piercing+Studio
Location: Oldham+Street%2C+Northern+Quarter%2C+Manchester%2C+UK.

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