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... And Then I Bled Everywhere.

Last year, I had my septum pierced with a 14 gauge circular barbell. However, visible mods are not something my parents approve of and my allergies were giving me hell, so I made the decision to take it out. I made a mental note to get it pierced in the future.

Up until recently, getting my septum pierced again was pushed to the back burner. A few months ago, I went home to New York for the weekend and I met a few friends for dinner in Chinatown. Brian Decker was the practitioner I'd felt most comfortable with and knew I could trust him to make sure I ended up with exactly what I wanted / needed. There was one stipulation – that my parents would not be able to see it. They took the excruciatingly long ascent up the stairs to Sacred with me, but I got there a half an hour before the shop closed, and Brian was setting up to do a cutting. Apologies were said and he told me to send him a message if I was going to come in past 7. I told him I'd be back in a few weeks, which actually turned into a few months.

About two weeks ago, my friend came to visit New York and wanted to get her tragus pierced. I decided to get my septum pierced and we called it an adventure. We went down to Canal Street and went up to Sacred, where we were told that Brian was no longer piercing there. Luckily, he happened to be in the shop, and an appointment was made for my friend and I to get pierced. I told him that I wanted a plug as jewelry and having it be punched at either an 8 or 6 gauge. We walked to the train together and we decided to do it at a 6 and he called me the next day to talk about jewelry. He said he would use a piece of tygon tubing instead of a plug, and as long as there wasn't something shiny that my parents could see flashing in my nose, I was fine.

On Wednesday, I didn't get much sleep and stayed rather tired throughout the day. I drank four cups of coffee to compensate because I would also be suspending that night and didn't want to zone out (well, zone out in that sleep deprived way). The caffeine intake made me bleed more so than I normally do. After my suspension, we took a bit of a break and Brian got ready to pierce us. My friend Kathryn went first. After she was done, Brian threw the materials he'd be using on me into the autoclave. He told me to lie down and after I warned him that I was a little snotty, I laid down on the table so he could clean my nose with a q-tip and mark it. When everything was autoclaved, he lined the receiving tube up with the taper and sort of massaged my cartilage up. It was mildly uncomfortable, but after having suspended, I was being melodramatic and making faces. He asked me several times if I was alright, and got ready to punch my septum. I think I closed my eyes at this point, and he told me he was lining up everything and told me he wouldn't surprise me with the punch. He asked me if I was ready and coached my breathing and when I exhaled, he punched my septum. The pain was bearable and putting the taper through my nose hurt more than the punch. After putting the taper through, we were greeted with a heavy trickling of blood and to avoid having blood go into my sinuses, he told me I could lift my head. I heard him wrong and shot up, which was met with laughter in the room full of people and Brian's response of, "I didn't mean to sit up so quickly. Wanna lie back down so you don't bleed all over your shirt?" A few moments later, I got back down so he could get the jewelry into my nose and clean the blood off my face. The jewelry was 5-½ gauge and took a bit of finagling to get into my nose. Originally, o-rings couldn't be found, so Brian, skill master that he is, carved two out of silicone. They were a bit difficult to get on because I was still bleeding, but he got them on and cleaned the blood off me. As he was clea "Ãw€ë

ning up, he told me that there was no cartilage in the punch, due to massaging the receiving tube into place.

On the ride home, I felt a dull ache in my nose. The next few days were uneventful, although I realized how clumsy I am. When I was taking my shirt off, I smacked myself in the nose. That was probably the highlight my weekend. Brian told me the silicone o-rings should be temporary because there was a big chance they would fall off and to call him when I got regular o-rings, so he could switch them for me. They were fine for a few days, but one of the o-rings ended up falling off while I was sleeping. I wasn't able to find it, and the jewelry stayed put for a few days. And then I got a cold. I was trying to blow my nose when the jewelry fell out. I attempted to get it back in (after cleaning my hands, of course), but it hurt too much. I remembered I had a 6 gauge stainless steel plug, so I slipped that in. I'm not worried about my parents seeing anything shiny up my nose because Brian made sure it wouldn't be visible unless I pushed up the tip of my nose.

Aftercare is minimal. I get any crusties or snot off to the best of my ability in the shower and do a sea salt soak when I remember to, and I take vitamins. It should heal quickly because there was no cartilage in the punch, and when it does, I plan to stretch it. I know I'll return to Brian for more work in the future even if I do have to go all the way to Brooklyn to his new shop.


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on: 06 June 2005
in Nose Piercing

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