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Painful yet good looking

I am fairly new to the body mod world, but I have finally found a place I can be truly happy in. I had been interested in getting pierced for a couple years now so I finally just went out and did it. I made sure to do a lot of research on the many types of body piercings and modifications just so I would know what I was getting done and the proper way to take care of it.

For my first two piercings (a 14g lobe and 18g helix) I went to skinquake because I thought the shop I had originally chosen was closed. Well the guys at skinquake were basically asses who didn't seem to really care about being nice to someone who was paying them money for their services. I still got them done but I then found out that PokedUTattoo (formerly Inked Empire) was still open, which led me to having my right eyebrow and more recently, my septum pierced there.

I and my girlfriend went to the shop a week ago on a Friday I was off from work so I would have a solid day to let it cool off a bit after the piercing. We went in and there were a few others there to get some stretching done, so we had to wait a while. While we were waiting the tattoo artist, I believe his name was Steve, had me fill out the waiver just because he had nothing to do at the moment. After the others were finished Eric, the piercer, came to take care of me.

I told him what I wanted done and asked him if he had any retainers, since I work for a nationwide retail store that doesn't mind my ear or eyebrow, but probably would frown out a cashier with a ring through his nose. He said he was out so instead he took out a cbr and opened it a little wider than usual so it would fit better when I hid it. I thought about either a 12 or 10g but ultimately ended up with a 12 because Eric informed me that it's fairly quick to stretch the septum once healed.

He took me back to his room which is very clean and comfortable to be in and had me sit in the chair. After a bit of tuning he got the chair just right to have a nice view up my nose. Me being the considerate type, chose to clean my nose out the best I could before I went there, just to be nice and not get his fingers covered in green goo.

Eric finished searching and said I had a big "sweet spot" which I found to be reassuring in that he would be able to do the piercing. When he was ready to start I closed my eyes knowing I would do it eventually if it was real painful. He had me breath in and slowly breath out while he pushed what felt like a red hot poker through my septum. When I ran out of breath he was still piercing and the pain was almost unbearable, but I still managed to hold still cause I know better than to move suddenly when there is a guy with a needle in my head.

When Eric was finished he put the ring in and let me have a look in a mirror. I absolutely loved it. It was a bit to the left but that was due to my septum being a bit offset from my nose. It is hardly noticeable and if I were to wear a barbell you couldn't tell at all. After he let me look at it he showed me how to flip it up. Being a ring it's a bit harder that a straight retainer but once it's in it is only a little discomforting. Besides, I only have to flip it up for work so that's only for 8 hours at the most, which isn't really a big deal.

Eric had me pay the $25 after just in case it didn't turn out right. I tipped him a 20, said my thanks and see ya's, then we left. It has been a week since I had it done. My nose is still a bit tender and bumping it really hurts, besides that, all is going real good with. Making sure I clean it every single day, even if I am tired as hell I still clean my piercings.

I highly recommend PokedUTattoo. They have a very clean shop and the personnel are nice and they treat customers right. It may be a bit weird getting pierced in a room with a suspension rack above you but that only makes it more interesting. They will be my main choice for the many piecings, tattoos, and possibly a branding or two that will follow from now on. Also liked to thank the fine people at BME for presenting tons of info that will lead me on a long road to changing my body to fit the way I want it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2005
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Eric
Studio: PokedUTattoo
Location: Greenwood%2CIndiana

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