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My septumX2

So a septum piercing was something I had really wanted for a long time. In fact several years, and the time to get it was coming soon. I could feel I was ready. I am sure everybody knows the jittery board "I need a new hole in my body" feeling.

I had talked to every one who I knew had and experience and knowledge about a septum or piercing in general, including people who had had them done and I even went to such far lengths as going in to piercing studios to talk to professional people who pierced for a living, for advice on the subject and jewelry and general placement ideas. And BME was always here for me to refer to. Every body I talked to seemed to recommend a retainer to heal it then move to a captive bead ring or a tribal stick later after it was healed properly. And I had a few warnings that the smell bad during healing. I was still in high school at the time and had already had several piercing done professionally. I thought I was one those who really was against "Do It Yourself" but I really couldn't afford it in a high school allowance ($40 a month) and the piercing being about $85.

I knew I could buy sterile needles at the swap meet from a guy (I never really remembered his name) who seemed to share the same enthusiasm for the experience I Do. We had talked a few times, and he seemed to know a lot. Ha! I thought I did too. (I was still a little young and stupid.) But regardless I bought a needle. I knew that it most likely wasn't as clean as the guy told me but it was sealed in one those plastic and paper pull back things. I went to my mothers shop (she was a jeweler and had an autoclave still.) and Set it to auto clave.I went to the Blue Boutique (a piercing studio and fetish shop store) and bought a retainer. I noticed all the retainers at blue were rounded at the top and all the ones I had ever seen were kind of square. I remember asking Jessie (The guy I had always talked to about a suspension.) Why it was rounded and he told me some thing to the effect of 'the corners are bad for healing a piercing, because of movement.'I trust him so I bought a titanium retainer in a kind of gun metal color (a dark gray).

When I had all my parts and a cork, I spent a long time to line it up in front of a hand mirror and to the closest to where I felt the pictures were here on BME had septum's placed. I pushed it as hard as I could. I remember not being to be able to get it all the way in, (or maybe it was being over come by the reality of what I was really doing.) I could not get it in one full hearted push or two, so I spent the next what felt like forever but in reality was most likely only an hour, pushing in short bursts and keeping pressure on it constantly the whole time.I felt like I was going to pass out the whole time. But I did not. When I finally got it all the way through it was very tender and very swollen but looked perfect and awesome! I was so proud!When I got the chance to show it off you better believe I made a butt of myself doing it! But I do admit I did lie about where I got it done; it really did look professional and perfect. In the long run it healed very well and the placement was prefect! But long term, it began to reject in about a year. It moved forward and down. To a place where it was visible when the retainer was up. Also, most of the healing time the retainer was up, and It healed with a curve in the up position, when I did get around to putting a captive bead ring in it would always flip forward, towards the tip of my nose.

Recently, I re- pierced it my self the same way. But a little higher then the original spot the first was pierced in.

I used the same retainer so it still flips up but I can deal with that, I plan on buying a captive bead ring that is flat on one side and hopefully it will heal flat instead of curved.

But I am really happy with it, here in the end.And I really don't think I will trust my hand at piercing any other parts of me on my own but I will defiantly get more work done by real professionals. And just as warning, it normally is a bad idea to do it your self!


submitted by: MeatGurl
on: 25 Feb. 2005
in Nose Piercing

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