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No IAM = New piercing

No IAM = new piercing

The great IAM black-out of 2004 surprised me in 2 ways. I found out how much I miss the friends I've made on IAM. I also realized that I had been using my page as a dream journal. Mini IAM solved the dream journal part. How to catch-up with the friends was more of a challenge. There are many IAMers near me but our schedules never seen agree. I'm going to school full time, working full time, and have 2 kids. I keep asking for days with 48 hours. That hasn't worked out yet.

I resigned my self to waiting out the black-out, trusting my memory to capable hands. Then it happened, a freak alignment of the stars perhaps. My pell check came in and my botany teacher canceled class to go to an aquatic plant convention in DC. My logical conclusion was that I'm supposed to get my septum pierced. I dropped Kivaka an email and got directions to the studio. After a few attempts I finally managed to get on the road at about quarter to five on Wednesday the 10th of November 2004.

I hadn't counted on rush hour traffic. Leaving around 5 pm was the worst thing I could do. The anticipation was terrible. I have wanted my septum pierced ever since I saw how easy they are to hide demonstrated by thenailgunpiercer. I'd thought about it, read about it, looked at it, and now I was on my way to do it. If only the traffic would start moving. Eventually I made it to Lockport. I crept along looking for the studio. Even so, I managed to pass it up. Then I had to pull a u-turn to get into their parking lot.

I went in greeted by Kivaka's smiling face. We commiserated about IAM being down and I got to show off my butter eater tattoo. Kivaka showed me the retainer he had ready in its auto clave bag and we went into the piercing room. I could go through the set up but it would make for very dry reading. Lets just say clean and sterile plus funny conversation. Every tool needed was laid out on the lined tray. Even the pen light had its protective rubber. The individual auto clave bags lined up in little rows. Then his gloved fingers probed my secret places. Lines and dots now decorated my nose. The retainer had to be bent to fit my tiny nose. Which, of course, meant another auto clave bag on the tray. There was an assortment of goo on the tray; things to clean, numb, and lube. We were finally ready to start piercing.

First the clamps, then the receiving tube were installed on my septum. Kivaka asked if the clamps hurt, which of course they didn't. He got the needle all lubed up and had me breathe. In and out. I expected a jab that didn't come. One more time. In and out. Swoosh, done. Usually when I can not see the procedure being done I get a little anxious a sort of reverse needle phobia. This time I knew I can not see my own nose, so I stared in to Kivaka's gorgeous blue eyes and did not miss seeing the piercing it self. He removed the clamps leaving just the needle in my nose. He was going to grab the retainer to put in, when I suggested taking some photos with just the needle in. That was done quickly and the jewelry slid in easily. After that more photos were taken

There was a quick review of after care. He gave me a bottle of satin soap, which I had never used before. After that he really shocked me. Kivaka would not let me pay for the piercing. I'm not much of one to mooch off my friends. We swapped business cards and I was on my way home after flipping the retainer up.

Healing has been easy. Cleaning out my nose has not been so easy. Cotton swabs and hot showers are my friends. My usual routine for healing is keep it clean and leave it alone. Leaving it alone is hard. Every time my nose gets bumped the retainer gets unbalanced and I have to straighten it. After the first few days I turn it down to clean it and that helped a lot. It's been about a week now. Its been healing well and I'm babying my face as well as my nose. I'm hoping to have it healed up to change into some cute and spiky new jewelry for the holidays.

Update: It has in fact healed beautifully and straight. I'm in the market for that spiky cute jewelry. I would recommend Kivaka to any one wanting a piercing. He's professional and down to earth. I'll be back to see him any time I want to get poked.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2005
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Kivaka
Studio: Tattoo+city
Location: Lockport%2C+IL

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