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My especially meaningful septum piercing.

Despite my long running interest in body modifications, it was only recently that I really took an active role in getting new piercings. For the longest time, I'd never had a continuous income for paying for my piercings and my parents were far from supportive. But as I got a job, worked, and became more independent, I began to enforce that it was in fact my body and my choice and my parents, though not exactly supportive, lived with the changes I was making. That is, until I told them about my friend's septum piercing. I hadn't always been a fan of the septum piercing but after browsing through BME and reading a couple of experiences, it really started to grow on me. In fact, the idea of getting the piercing took on very personal and significant meanings. First, I'd always been particularly insecure about my nose. I'd broken it as a pubescent soccer player and it has what I'd always thought as this unsightly and large bump. But as I grew older and matured, I realized that my nose, however "gross", was a part of me that I really didn't hate as much as I thought. In fact, I started to grow fond of the little bump that once irritated me every time I peered into a reflective surface. I wanted to decorate it to mark my overcoming of insecurity. Second, in the last year and a half, I'd fallen in with a group of people that provided the means for me to get into drugs. However, this October, I cut ties with them and my own drug use for good. My nose, once a vessel of my vices, could instead be beautifully modified. My dad told me I would look like a bull and my mother refused to even entertain the idea but at this point, I felt the piercing meant too much to me to not get it done. I asked two friends of mine if they wanted to accompany me, one having his septum pierced and stretched to around ½" already, and plans were made to go the next day.

The next afternoon, the three of us went up to Extreme Graphix in Geneva, NY. We walked into the door and were greeted by several familiar faces. I sat down with my friend Sara and waited while Beach, the third member of our party, asked Noah, the piercer, about a couple of things, including an upcoming suspension. After about ten minutes, I was rung up at the counter and I asked if I could be pierced and then put a retainer right in. Noah didn't suggest it, citing that they fall out quite easily and that we could instead put a smaller ring in, which could be flipped up. I wanted to flip it right up away because I wasn't terribly concerned with anyone knowing it was there, especially my mother, who is looking forward to the impending arrival of her mother and family from Germany. They being ultra-conservative, I decided to spare my Grandmother the heart attack and have the ring flipped up right after the piercing. The jewelry was thrown into the autoclave and I waited again. When I finally headed back into the piercing room, I climbed up onto the dentist like chair, though it's upholstered flame fabric suggested we were far from a dentist's office. Noah took out the septum clamps and warned that this piercing "hurt like a bitch" and that the clamps were often the worse part. I took deep breath through my mouth as he maneuvered the clamps around my slightly deviated septum. No pain whatsoever, not even a slight pinch. I was just very aware of the clamps being lodged up my nostrils. He picked up the needle and with a brief warning, fed it through the clamp and my septum. My eyes instantly watered though no actual tears were shed. There was no marked, excruciating pain, just a very dull ache that reminded me a bit of my helix piercing. He fed the jewelry through and noted that it might sit very slightly crooked because my septum was in fact deviated quite a bit. I was a bit disappointed at this news but hoped it wouldn't be a big issue once the piercing settled (it is in fact fine now). The ring wa s tucked up neatly in my nose and I left to go get some food. This proved somewhat interested. Opening my mouth to eat a veggie burger, my nose crinkled a bit and that sent a wave of soreness through my face and mouth. My teeth actually ached even.

Overall, I would consider this is the biggest "problem" that I have faced with my septum piercing. It was definitely the most tender and sore piercing after the fact. It's now five days after I got the actual piercing performed and that tenderness has definitely decreased. Touching the tip of my nose doesn't bring the same pain it once did even just yesterday and I can flare my nostrils and scrunch up my nose now too. Flipping the ring up and down is still somewhat problematic so I generally leave it tucked safely in my nose. I would definitely say that my septum is my favorite of all my piercings (which have included a variety of helix piercings, industrials, surface piercings, lobe stretching, nipples, etc.). I feel that the septum is probably my favorite because it means the most to me so I suggest getting pierced for your own specials reasons because it's all the more enjoyable and satisfying in the end.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 March 2004
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Noah
Studio: Extreme+Graphix
Location: Geneva%2C+NY

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