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Botched home piercing turns into a wonderful experience at the hands of a skilled professional

Background :

I had wanted to pierce my septum for about 2 weeks prior to today. The septum piercing is very intriguing to me in a number of different ways. After spending at least a week researching the piercing, I chose to try and accomplish this piercing at home. I believed home piercing was an option because I know quite a bit about human anatomy (myself being a biology major) and, I also believed I could attempt to do this as sterile as possible ( I am very knowledge able about using sterile procedure). I prepared to do his piercing by using a dilute providone iodine scrub to remove bacteria from the potential incision/piercing site. After preparing the site I attempted to insert the needle. It was very difficult to keep the needle strait and access the area to be pierced while also looking in the mirror. I decided to insert the needle slowly. I thought insertion of the needle slowly would be a wise choice because, if the needle started to move at an angle I could correct it w ithout causing damage to myself. As the needle went in I could not get it strait. Finally when I got the needle strait (or what I thought was strait) I advanced the needle further. At this point my eyes were watering and a couple of facial muscles were twitching. When I glanced at the area where the end of the needle was about to come out ,it was almost ready to burst through the tip of my nose. I immediately with drew the needle. (it interesting to note that I had a sight headache after words)

At this point I knew I would have to get it professionally done.


My Quest for a piercing studio and a piercer

The studio that I had previously gotten the majority of my tattoos and piercing s at was no longer under the same management, and the piercer did not seem very competent. So I had to find another place to go. I was trying to contemplate where the best place in the area would be to go. I remembered seeing a lot of photos (on BME) of very nice piercing s done by KIVAKA from **. I decided that I would give this place a try. After surveying the shop and looking at KIVAKA's portfolio I decided that I definitely wanted to go there.

My encounter with KIVAKA

Before I go any further I think it would be interesting to note that KIVAKA did a perfect job setting up for the procedure. He methodically set out of the tools he would need. (similar to when I set up for surgical procedures on animals at work). He also frequently changed his gloves (possibly more than most pierces do) which scored even more points with me.

When we were ready to start he explained the procedure to me through each step. (another quality I really liked). The gentle technique he used when he put the clamps on and when he inserted the needle was AMAZING. The way he pierced my septum was done so precisely and gently it was reminiscent of a surgeon working on a patient. It was like nothing I had ever encountered before while getting a piercing.

The procedure was not nearly as painful as I had envisioned. (in fact it was rather enjoyable) I think this has to do with having a skilled artist.

At home and work with the septum retainer

When I returned home I cleaned the piercing very well using nacl (saline) solution followed with Bactine. The following day I had to return to work. I was very concerned that my retainer would be partially visible. When I flipped the retainer up into my nose the piercing literally became invisible, and was not noticeable even when looking at it from the side.


After my wonderful experience with my septum I made the following conclusions.

1) Doing home piercing (at least for me) takes away some of the spiritual and ritualistic attributes of body piercing. Going to a professional brings this back.

2) KIVAKA was an exceptional artist. Not only did he know a large amount of information about the scientific portion of body piecing, he was very professional. I do not feel that I can properly express in words how impressed I am with his work. Also he did every thing possible to make everything as clean and as sterile as possible. I could also tell he was genuinely concerned wit his clients safety. He was also a very good natured person. He was the kind of person that is getting more rare to encounter these day.

getting body medications has always been very spiritual for me. When every I have a mod done I feel like so much tension has been lifted. This was definitely the most spiritual piercing I have ever had.

I will be definitely be returning to KIVAKA many more piercings.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Feb. 2004
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: KIVAKA
Studio: Tattoo+Cty
Location: Lockport%2C+IL

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