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no training needed for this septum

Hi there.

I'd like to tell you about getting my septum repierced. A little bit of background information about my septum: I had it pierced a couple of years ago at 14ga in New Brunswick, Canada. Its demise came in a wrestling ring, when my friend and opponent caught me in the nose with a crossface forearm shot to the schnoz, ripping it upwards a few millimeters, and thus retiring the bloody thing. If you're interested in the long version of it, you can go read here.

I was saddened that the piercing was gone, as I did not have getting it ripped out (or ripped up, whatever you wanna call it). It ended up being a blessing in disguise, however. I had always planned to stretch it to either 8ga or 8ga, and I hear septum stretching can sometimes be a bitch. I then made the decision that once I decided to re-pierce it, I would get it done at a larger gauge. I then put that project on the back-burner while I was concentrating on other mods, namely my left sleeve and stretching my lobes.

Anyways, fast-forward to about a year or so later. I was now located in Toronto, Ontatio, surrounded by a seemingly never-ending list of amazing piercers. I'm not saying this to insult any piercer in New Brunswick, it's just that when it came to anything larger than 12 or 10ga initial piercings, there didn't seem to be much of a demand in the area, meaning they had little if any practice in larger gauge piercings. I did not feel comfortable getting someone who didn't have any septums larger than 12ga in their portfolios pierce my septum at 8ga. I had decided to go for that size mainly because an ex-girlfriend of mine had recently stretched her septum to a 6ga, and I had acquired her nice black niobium retainer from her.

Initially, I was going to get it pierced at one shop, but seeing how the piercer (no need for names) had such a hard time stretching my ex's septum, I didn't feel all that comfortable getting him to pierce me. After a month of debating and procrastinating, I decided to go with who is, in my personal opinion, one of, if not the best body modification artists in the country, Blair at Passage. I went in one Saturday as I was purchasing some 20mm bamboo plugs for my ears, and to my surprise, Blair was in. We talked briefly, I dropped the jewelry off to be re-autoclaved (It had been claved a few weeks prior, but I wasn't sure where it had been done, or if it was even done properly, so re-sterilizing was safest), and made an appointment for the following saturday at 6:00pm.

The week went by and I was getting more and more anxious and excited about having it redone. I was also happy my friend Jen decided to come along. We met at Passage around 5:40pm and went upstairs to wait for our turn. At about a minute after 6, Blair came down, and called me in. We went up and chatted for a few minutes. He gave me some things to read about aftercare and had me fill out the standard forms. we then went over everything, where he explained to me how one can also train their septums straight, if they were to deviate a little bit. He then put some gloves on and got everything ready on the table, and had me sit down on the doctor's chair/bed thing. After he got everything out of the autoclave bags, he grabbed a q-tip and cleaned the inside of my nose with this stuff, I forget what it's called. It smelled aweful, but at least it cleaned my nostrils quite well. He then got me to tilt my head back as he aligned everything. That's when I got a glimpse of the slightly -above-8ga needle, and got a little nervous.

I had gotten poked in the back and calves by 8ga needles before for a failed suspension (you can read about it here), but it was my first time seeing one up-close. I took a few moments to collect myself, and Blair lined everything up with the needle and recieving tube. one quick push later, I had an 8ga needle stuck through my nose. my eyes watered, of course, much like any eyes do after getting any piercing on the nose (body's natural reaction). A few seconds and pictures that didn't turn out that good later, Blair put the jewelry in, and that was that. It bled a little bit, but considering how I had just gotten a fairly big-sized needle through my nose, it wasn't that bad at all. just a few drops, which were quickly cleaned up. the piercing itself was somewhat painful, but nothing that would kill anyone. We discussed briefly my future projects, and after paying and tipping, I was on my merry way.

I had some bleeding later that evening, and my nose has been a little sore since (just the tip, of course), but besides that, it's been healing great. I clean it up thoroughly twice a day, and make sure it stays clean otherwise. It still gets "crusties", but that's to be expected with a 24 day-old piercing. I didn't need to give the any of the training Blair mentionned, since it was pierced and so far has stayed perfectly straight

I do recommend Blair to anyone in Toronto, or anyone willing to travel to Toronto. He is a truly amazing artist, and my nose is proof. He was nice, professional, and courteous, and will have my business once again soon for a back cutting.


P/S, please ask for my permission if you want to use anything I say. I can be reached by email (address on top). Thank you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Oct. 2003
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Blair
Studio: Passage
Location: Toronto%2C+ON

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