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my 14 gauge (will be stretched soon) septum

I've wanted to get my septum done for a while now. I've wanted many piercings for a while now. The problem is that I went to Catholic school for my first two years of high school and they only allowed ear piercings. I fucking took advantage of that; my plugs were almost an inch. But I wanted more piercings..

Now I go to public school so I can do whatever the fuck I want. And I wanted my septum, so here beings the story.

One night my two best friends and me were chillen in Barnes and Noble. And we started talking about piercings. And I was saying how bad I wanted my septum done. So my friend, was like why don't we go to vipers nest tomorrow, so you can get your septum. And I never thought I would actually go and get it done. But I did.

I had never gotten anything pierced before (aside from my ears, done with a gun when I was 5 or so years old) so this was kind of a big thing for me. I thought about it all day.

When we got there, I was really excited. I sat around first. And then I talked to jay for a bit about it. I picked out my retainer. I went and sat in the room, and waited a minute for him to come. Both of my friends came in with me. I was kind of nervous, but I thought the pain would be worth it. So I laid myself down on the table, and waited for him.

At this point I was so scared. I thought it was going to hurt so badly, or that I would back out at the last moment. But I kept my composure and just waited for him. I wasn't shaking or anything, but my stomach did start to grumble, which made me a bit worried. I was playing it off all cool, so that they wouldn't think I was a wuss. Although my best friend (the one that I was with) had had her septum pierced and she said it hurt like a bitch. I still wanted to be tough...haha.

Anyway, Jay came in and told me to relax. I asked him a couple questions about the pain, and the upkeep for it. He told me just to make sure I keep clean and don't fidget with it. He also told me all the other wonderful things to do with it. It was all good at this point. When he clamped my nose, I think that hurt the most. He asked me to close my eyes, and I did. I felt a slight pain, and then a little more pain. But it wasn't too bad. When I opened my eyes, I saw a needle sticking through my nose. This was quite odd, but I didn't mind. He then stuck the retainer in it somehow. It is kind of hard to see what is going on around the nose area, in general. I didn't care. I was so excited that I had actually done it. It did not matter anymore.

When I sat up I felt fine, my septum was just a bit sore. That was the only thing. My stomach wasn't grumbling and I was dizzy. My friends were in shock that I didn't scream or grab one of them. When they asked me if it hurt, I shrugged it off like it was nothing. I actually liked it. The pain was just enough to make it feel good. It hurt so good, haha.

I had had my septum tucked up, but I wanted to take it down so bad. Jay told me that I should keep it up there, because it is really sensitive at first. So I kept it up until about 3 days later, and I took it down. I loved it. My septum made me look like a different person. I loved it. I just could not get over the fact that I had actually had it pierced.

Now that I have my septum pierced, people always ask me questions about it. The first thing they ask is, "Did it hurt?" then they say to me, "That is like a bull ring or something?" Sometimes it pisses me off, but other times, I am cool with it, if they are. Sometimes it even grosses people out. But I don't see why. I love body modification now and I am making big plans for more procedures. Body modification is exciting. I love the gratification it gives me. I always get so excited when one of my friends gets a new tattoo piece, new piercing, stretches a piercing, gets an implant, does a suspension, and so on and so forth. I fucking love what body mods give me, a sense of self-satisfaction? It's a new freedom.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Oct. 2002
in Nose Piercing

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