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Remove a piece of Flesh, and make something beautiful

I had dreams and Quests of suspensions, giving birth to my LifeMate's children-- even things as simple as receiving a smile and a big hug from a respected figure whom I have yet to meet in person. None of these things can compare at this point in my 18 years of living as what I am typing now so late at night.

After passing the 1-year mark with my nipple rings-- and not having them for seven of those twelve months due to migration-- I decided that I needed something to prove my 'warrior' status. Not to just anyone... but myself. I NEEDED it-- something I wanted for a long time now that my 10g nipple rings were a memory sitting in a jewelry box.

This ended up being my septum piercing-- exactly thirteen days after a terrible, personal episode I rather not speak more on, ever-- if I can manage.

To set the stage further, for over a year I wore an old eyebrow ring as a temporary septum ring, and wondered what it would be like to have the real thing. Since the ring was my boyfriend's, he thought it was cute as I continued to make sure it had not fallen out on our meetings together.

It was a rather cloudy day, about ten in the morning when he picked me up with a bag of supplies for a car trip to Jacksonville. Peanuts, green tea, another shirt in case I got cold-- you know the stuff, things you just feel you need to bring: 'Just in case.' Two handfuls of peanuts, green tea, Dr. Pepper, and half an orange-flavored glucose tablet later, we arrived at Needle Fetish in Jacksonville. My boyfriend was there for some personal stuff, and I felt I absolutely had to be there with him to get through it.

He needed me, and so I followed-- as any Lover would.

He was nervous, and that was understandable. This was certainly not to be taken lightly. I was there in fact to get a possible suspension if the 'time was right,' which in the end it was not for me. I still needed time to grow.

After being a little overwhelmed by the great welcome we received, I realized who was who among the small crowd in the shop. Alva, a nicely built gentleman with wonderfully stretched ears who was going to work on me today, and Steve, a colorful, horned individual who was to work on my boyfriend. I admit I was a little sheepish and overly observant as I got use to my new surroundings-- my fake septum ring in place as always. I was a kitten in a screened-in porch, and all the pretty metal 'n' ink butterflies made me rather jealous for some new work.

Time I showed my claws.

I began looking through the jewelry case as my boyfriend spoke to Alva and Steve about his worries, expectations, and so forth. I knew something was calling me, but I was unsure if it was what I THOUGHT it was or something completely different. I was given a small pep talk from Alva which was similar to this:

"Here, we don't pressure people to get or not get a piercing-- either you want to get it or you don't. It's completely up to you what you want and if you want it, we're not going to argue. We're here to do what you want to have done-- simple as that, okay?" I smiled. I was a bit scared of this big bear-like man, and it turns out he gives out some of the greatest mental hugs.

I was in my own little world and called my Love over to the counter as I held a certain claw-ring in my hand and flipped it over and over again.

"How about we dermal punch your labia at 2g?" someone joked.

I know my face went red at this point, and I just shook it off and started to relax even more. Funny though, I actually thought about another genital piercing, but it just didn't feel... right. I needed something to ground and center my Being since I was certainly in the clouds lately. I cuddled back up with my Love on a couch while he talked and continued to smile and ask if I was ready to get another hole. I became a shy Aries-- the baby who just wanted to cuddle and make her 'teddybear' all better with kisses.

After more staring at the retainers and claw rings I made my choice. 10g claw ring-- my first jewelry with O-ring. Steve nodded and asked who I wanted to fix me up.

"Alva." Steve nodded again and seemed pleased with my decision as he whisked my claw-ring away to be autoclaved.

"So am I punching you or poking you?" Alva asked in a cheery voice. (This really made me lighten up and get even more excited and fearless.)

"Let's do the dermal punch." My Love seemed a little surprised, and agreed to take a few pictures for me with the film we were going to use for his procedure. I was thrilled.

After some more green tea while I watched Steve check the autoclave and Alva get one of the room ready, it was time.

"Well, little lady, let's make a new hole." My reaction? It was literally:

"Yeeeheehee~" Very mature at this point, right? I was already getting a bit teary-eyed-- I came in here with a fake septum, and going out with my claw bared proudly.

I entered the room, about three others in tow to watch me get carved, and sat on the piercing 'couch.' Alva gave me a good cleaning, let me look in a book where he was piercing me exactly since I asked, changed gloves again, and finished setting up. More small tears and a smile from my Mate was all I needed. I then handed him my glasses as I said how much this meant to me, and he nodded. No words could make me feel higher.

Alva sliced the cork in half that was to catch the dermal punch and placed it up my right nostril. Good, I don't have that big of a nose contrary to my own belief. It felt odd, but not really all that uncomfortable. I breathed deeply.

Then the oddest thing happened, Alva leaned over and said close to my ear "Since this means so much to you, and you're letting me do it, thank you."

I smiled as I Astrally spread my Wings and accepted-- I was invincible.


I could fly-- I felt my Astral Body jump out of my physical one and smack against Alva's and then back into mine. He began to remove the punch after a second or so--I felt blood run down out of my left nostril as it mixed with tears-- the taste on my lips was short lived. Alva, like a flash, began to wipe me up, place the jewelry where it really belonged. Then more blood wiping as my tears dried and were swept away with the blood, O-ring placed where they were meant to be, and I was a new Soul.

"You're a strong little lady," Alva said with a smile. My boyfriend agreed.

"I swear, she does NOT move on things like this."

I was told I didn't flinch-- time and time again-- not even 'ouch,' nor a blood curdling scream. I felt I proved my worth.

In another minute or so, after regaining my composure a bit, Alva gave me a small cup of water and I thanked him happily. I needed it. Best water I ever had in my opinion-- my first drink in my new body. At least I certain felt new. When I had finished the water my Sweetie smiled and asked if I could try to walk. I hopped off the 'couch' with a smile on my face and walked out of the room.

Taking the camera, I asked if he was ready to go do a little walk with me and show me some of these 'nifty buildings' in the area. He said he really needed it to calm his nerves, and so we did just that.

The cold air was a bit sharp on my nose, but it was nice. I took pictures of some houses I liked, some patterns of moss and algae on bricks for a new background on my computer, and we walked by a spiritual store again.

"Should we go in before we leave?" I smiled and led him towards the door. The place was amazing-- it even had a one person Labyrinth sketched out on the floor. We talked a bit with the woman running the store, mentioned we saw the Needle Fetish card on her cork board, and found out that she was a Wiccan/Pagan Priestess herself. I couldn't help but smile.

After looking about some more, she gave me her personal card as well as the store card, and we were on our way back to Needle Fetish. I asked Alva if he could clean me up one more time so I could concentrate on mimicking his cleaning technique when I started to clean the piercing. He did, and gave me a kiss on the forehead-- near my 3rd eye-- which I was NOT expecting. Like a little puppy, I wanted to squeal when he did that. I promptly demanded a hug and got absolutely squished. I liked it a lot, I really felt Alva had become a big part of my twisted, Modern Primitive Family. I got an aftercare sheet later after the other 'festivities,' and I was so sad to leave, I felt like I was Home.

It's been a week (as of this writing) of tending to my wound with sterile saline solution at least three to five times a day-- depending on if I sneeze or if there is a bothersome spot that needs to be cleaned for comfort's sake. I do my best not to let the O-ring get too close to the wound while cleaning, and hold my hand as steady as I cannot to turn the ring in-out of the piercing. If there is any advice I can give, it's listen to your body.

I miss those guys a lot and plan to try and visit soon with the wonderful gift of brownies. I can never thank them for their help enough, but I'm sure as hell going to try.


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on: 06 Feb. 2002
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Alva
Studio: Needle+Fetish
Location: Jacksonville%2C+FL

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