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Sneezing fun with septum

First of all, I wouldn't get pierced again. It just seems like too much effort at this point in my life, and would cause more trouble than it's worth. It was a few years ago when I had this done though, and I was very much the wannabe teenager. I had always thought septum piercings looked good, and had enough shock value and "street cred" to be fun. Piercing Urge is one of the main body piercing places in Sydney, very clean and professional, catering to a lot of inner city fashion victims (like me!) and the gay community, and since I had had some average experiences with other places I decided to give them a try. I was pretty scruffily dressed, so I copped some attitude from the staff, but they sat me down and went through with the pierce. It was uncomfortable but didn't hurt much, not nearly as much as the ear cartilage I'd had done previously, maybe due to the anaesthetic spray they used (maybe lignocaine or something?). Unfortunately the piercer said, as soon as the needle went through, "It's crooked," so they sent me home for six weeks or so. It healed up nicely. When I came back, they pierced it for free, just charging for the bar which I thought was pretty damn good, especially when I hear about other people's experiences. So if you want to get pierced, and you are in Sydney, go to Piercing Urge (also Polymorph is supposed to be good). So far so good. I've got my piercing, I show it off, I'm a happy boy. Healing was fine, way better than the ear lobe ones I'd had with the gun. They got very crusty, and refused to heal for a long time (that could have something to do with my long dirty hair at the time though). Do it yourself, people! Putting a ring through on the first pierce is much better, anywhere, than some manky stud. Anyway, back to the nose.I just put some iodine in my nostril and kept it clean, also some swimming which I think is good if the water is clean and salty. I had a nipple ring with the open gap in its circumference which was very handy for the septum since it slotted right in without much bending. I was worried that since I was swapping it with one of those "retainer" things, if I had a normal ring and I kept bending it, it might snap off in my nose one day! I bought another ring from someone I knew (not always a good idea) which had a center piece which either end of the ring fitted into. I decided to swap them over just before I went out one night and I got the new one in, no problem. I couldn't get the centre piece back in though, which left me with a gap dangling there instead of a little bead thing. I decided to leave it that way, thinking I could take care of it in the meantime and come back that night to sort it out, and went to the party. I woke up the next morning with a splitting headache (not piercing related) to realise that the gap in the ring had worked its way into the septum, and it was now stuck with the point halfway through the flesh, not able to go forward or backwards. This is not a good thing to realise with a hangover at six in the morning in someone's backyard. I went home and immediately got to work on the problem with some pincers and a pair of pliers. The end of the ring must have been touching a nerve because every time I pulled on it I started sneezing explosively. Not little sniffles, loud blasts, about six at a time in rapid succession. I couln't get the ring to rotate around to its original position, so I gave up and concentrated on getting it out. About thirty sneezes later I managed to get the ring out at last, but I couldn't fit another one in with all the swelling. Boo Hoo. No more septum ring for me! On a side note (and to fill space) I ended up giving away the nipple ring to a friend. She wore it for quite a while (as in a couple of months), and the purple colouring wore off and it tarnished which looked lame (not quite as lame as the three Indian tin cheapies she replaced it with though! Yes, I'm bitter). Maybe colored rings have a short lifespan, maybe it was a bad one, maybe she messed it up somehow, I don't know. All I'm saying is half purple nipple ring + tarnished + septum + poor nasal hygeine = Urg.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 July 2001
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+remember
Studio: piercing+urge
Location: Sydney+Australia

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