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a no-ouch septum story

My story of body mod began when I was nine years old, when I got my ears gunned at the mall. I started stretching them at 16 to 00g, where they are now. I decided that I wanted to pierce my nipples for my 18th birthday. I ended up getting my septum pierced instead, a month after my birthday, because of the shorter healing time. This will allow me to get my nipples pierced in about 2 months, rather than having those done first and waiting half a year or more to get my septum done. And yes, I have a balance complex, which is why I initially decided against a nostril piercing. My friend and I drove up to San Francisco to Body Manipulations, after having gone around to the local shops and finding that they were immature, smart-assed, insensitive guys. After sitting in stop and go traffic for 2 hours, we get to the shop. I chose a 12g black septum retainer and she chose a silver nostril screw, and we filled out the necessary forms and showed our ids and waited for Paul (the owner of Body M) to finish preparation of one of the rooms and such. After my friend got her nostril pierced, it was my turn. I got up into the chair and waited for Paul to finish preparing for my piercing. He told me exactly what he was doing at all times, all the details of the piercing, and some stories of ones in the past that he had done. He made me feel very comfortable and I was relaxed. He changed his gloves and sterilized my nose with this shit that smelled like bandaids, and looked my nose for the best placement. He changed his gloves again and felt around for a good place to pierce and proclaimed that I had one of the nicest sweet spots ever. No joke. Then he changed his gloves and clamped me with some clamps that looked like a tube cut in half such that the needle would pass through. He explained that these clamps would help the needle go straight because the needle skews upon entry easily for septums. After about 5 minutes of adjusting and readjusting the clamps, he looked at all angles to make sure the alignment was straight and perfect (which I appreciated because it meant that he cares). After determining that it was perfect, he positioned the needle and told me to take a deep breath, and when I exhaled, he put the needle through. After a fraction of a second of pain, it backed down to a dull ache. He lined up the jewelry and inserted it, and it was done! I had expected excruciating pain, having read the other septum experiences. The shortness of the pain made it seem much less, but it was very, VERY tolerable. I'm guessing that it's due to that big soft spot in front of my cartilage. It might be, or it might not be; I'm not sure. After going over aftercare and whatnot, I walked out of the room to go pay. My good friend, Eldo (alowishus on IAM), was present in the studio. He was the one that recommended the studio and will be working in the shop during the summer. If you see a big, Asian man that reminds you of a pierced teddy bear, tell him the Felicia sent you. Anyhow, I got the "Eldo family discount", and I ended up paying a mere $28.66 for my entire septum piercing experience. Niceness in the extreme. On top of the whole experience, I received a bottle of Provon, free of charge. I love these guys, and I'm definitely going back for my nipple piercings this summer. It's been 2 days since I've been pierced, and I have cleaned them twice a day and done a salt soak once a day. I haven't experienced any pain besides soreness However, I had some trouble rinsing out all the soap, so I went to a local shop to ask advice on how to rinse it out, and the guy told me that I shouldn't use Provon because it's too harsh, and he told me to use Ear Care antiseptic instead. He also told me that ear care didn't need to be rinsed out, and I decided that I would ask the BME question forum, and the answer is still pending, so I'll let y'all know. I'm sure that both methods work equally well. If you are thinking about getting your septum pierced, I'd say that you should go ahead and do it, providing that you have a good piercer in mind. I would also like to give a shameless plug for Body Manipulations studio because they kick ass, were the nicest piercers and staff of all that I have met (probably around 15), and they have a great shop and great services. They also do branding, scarring, and do suspension shows. www.bodym.com. I have received several compliments, and even my nit-picky art school sister said it looked badass. It was a real good experience, very positive and such, and I would seriously recommend this piercing and this studio. And I'm done rambling. Fin.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 May 2001
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Paul
Studio: Body+Manipulations
Location: San+Francisco

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