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But I already did this once before (my septum, redone)

From the moment I got it in January 2000, I loved my septum piercing. I started out at 12ga but soon stretched to a 10ga. Usually I wore a circular barbell, but I also have a black septum spike that was a gift from my boyfriend. But I put in a black retainer for work, and one day took it out and forgot to put it back in; I was sick, I believe, and just didn't think about it. It didn't take long to shrink down to almost nothing. Soon it was beyond the point of tapering open and would have to be repierced. I was without the piercing for several months, and was surprised by how much I missed it. I'd lost a few piercings before, but none bothered me this much. Actually, I'm not sure why I took so long to have it redone. But I finally did in January 2001, and this is the experience (I forgot to send the first one to BME, so I'm writing this one). My good friend Andy is fairly ambivalent about modifications; he has none, but he doesn't really mind them on other people. So it surprised me when he said I should get a labret done. I think it surprised him a little when I shrugged and said, "Sure." So we went to the shop to have both done; this is the story of my septum. I needed to go by Body Rites anyway to show Ron Garza how my nape piercing was healing; I'd been in once after I got it done, but he wasn't working that night. With Andy in tow, I took my 10ga circular barbell and headed to the shop. Funny aside: there was a bird in the shop when we got there. It's a tattoo studio, but Body Rites has space on the same floor (they're separately owned). There was dust from the suspended ceiling all over the floor; the bird and efforts to catch it had knocked it all loose. Ime (a great piercer who did my rook flawlessly) and one of the tattoo artists were trying to usher the bird to the window with a broom. It was pretty amusing. But the piercing room is totally enclosed, so there was no chance of the bird getting in and contaminating anything. We could hear it walking on the top of the room, though. Since we know each other so well, Ron is pretty casual with me. He knows that whatever has to be done, I can handle it — and I know I can trust him to do the job right. I've had several piercings done by him, including my nape (in the experiences under "It was more simple than I thought it would be") and my hood ("Hoodwinked!"), and I plan to go to him for my first scarification. Andy had never been to a piercing studio before, so this was entirely new to him. Ron chatted him up as he went through the sterilization process. I told him about how great Ime had been with my rook, we discussed an upcoming suspension show in Houston, and various and sundry other topics. One reason why I recommend Ron so highly is because he can relate to anyone, modified or not, and make them feel comfortable. Ron was going to do the piercing with me sitting up; I don't recommend this for anyone who hasn't been pierced several times before, to the point where you can be absolutely sure you won't pass out or react aversely. He was going to use a tool to place the piercing rather than do it freehand (John at Forbidden Fruit pierced it the first time, and did it freehand). That way he could place it exactly where it had been before. He got the needle ready and was about to put it through; we know from experience that I'm a "tough-skinned bitch" (as Ron dubs me), so there needs to be a lot of strength behind the pierce to get the needle through. Ron was about to pierce, but then stopped. The needle wasn't right up against my septum. He put it closer so I could feel the tip, then put it through. Just like the first time, my eyes watered — however, there were more tears this time for some reason, even though I was fine. Ron was worried that he'd hurt me, though I assured him that he hadn't (NOTE TO RON: you didn't hurt me). He got the jewelry through and then we noticed the blood. I'm usually not a bleeder, so perhaps a capillary had been nicked. After a few minutes it stopped, and Ron cleaned me up so I wouldn't look like I'd been punched in the nose. My eyes were still watering a bit as well; poor Ron seemed a little spooked by my "tears," but they dried and all was well. It was pretty sore the day after, and there was a good deal of crusted blood in my nostrils when I awoke the next morning. No big deal, really; a hot shower softened them and they came out easily. Warning to fresh septum piercees: rotating crusties through the actual piercing is really uncomfortable. Keep the jewelry clean to avoid this; I did it once when I had the piercing the first time, and it was so unpleasant I never let it happen again. I feel complete again now that I have my septum back. If I have a favorite piercing, this is it. With the exception of my nape (which isn't always visible or apparent), my septum gets the most visceral reaction from strangers. People I've never seen before will comment that it's ugly, or shudder visibly when they see it. I find that interesting; I understand it more with my nape, because it's unusual. Perhaps to them, my nape is revolting in an unfamiliar way and my septum is revolting in a familiar way. I won't ever understand why, though. It seems awfully arbitrary that my septum is so maligned but my nostril, ears, etc, are taken in stride. Though I would prefer that my bodyart didn't have "shock value," I'm willing to accept it as a consequence of being modified. My mods are worth a few snide comments and sneers from strangers. For more information about my body project, visit my site: http://www.bmeworld.com/meghan


submitted by: Meghan
on: 10 Jan. 2001
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Ron+Garza
Studio: Body+Rites
Location: Austin%2C+TX

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