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Is that it, then?.....Septum without tears

ince I had my ears pierced last year - well even before that, if I'm honest about it - I've wanted a nose ring. But standard earlobe piercings on males are now a common enough sight: if my boss were to say anything, he'd run the risk of sex discrimination, and that (at least here in the UK) is illegal. Nostril rings on the other hand unfortunately still have far less widespread acceptance. And then one day as I was looking on BME at the septum gallery, I found myself thinking "some of those look really neat". I did my research, read the experiences, and one phrase kept repeating itself over and over - it's the one facial piercing that can be reliably hidden! 'That's it - go for it', I thought. The next step was to do some asking around. At the local studio where I'd had my nipples re-done recently, the piercer looked distinctly doubtful when I asked if I could have a septum that wouldn't show. She checked with her boss: "Mmm, no, not really" was the answer. At the tattoo studio down the road, the guy said he'd check with the piercer - I might be able to get it done with a PTFE barbell! It only took a few minutes of re-checking on BME to convince me that what I wanted was perfectly possible; it was just a question of finding someone who knew how to do it. So, that Saturday I took the train into Birmingham to try at the place where I'd had my ears done. Aaaargh - disaster - that part of the Bull Ring shopping centre (mall) was closed for redevelopment. There was nothing to say where the shops had relocated to, and on a Saturday afternoon, no way of finding out. Then I remembered the piercers' at Oasis, which would have been my second choice for the ears. It was only a few minutes' walk - just long enough for me to get soaked; by this time it was raining torrentially and I'd only got a hoodie. I stood at the counter dripping wet and asked .... Success at last! Only problem - they hadn't got any suitable jewelry in stock. But, there was a jewelry stall on the top floor, so if I were to buy a septum keeper there and bring it back down, they'd be able to do it for me. Up I went and - guess what - they'd run out! Have you ever had that feeling when it's just not your day? But I refused to admit defeat. Just round the corner, I was told, there was another piercers'. Yeah, I remembered having seen it. Worth a try? I went up and asked. The girl behind the counter was the first person I'd encountered that afternoon who hadn't had any piercings of their own - was this an omen, I wondered? She went off to check, and returned - YES! It would cost fifteen pounds (that's 24 US dollars). I couldn't get the money out of my wallet fast enough. I sat down to wait my turn. I watched while two goth couples chatted away, showing off their multi-pierced lips, mouths and tongues. Next to me sat a mother with teenage daughter who was visibly panicking about whether she would survive her first navel pierce. Then there was an ordinary normal guy in jacket and trousers, who could have been anybody. Whoever said that piercees were 'typical'? Finally, they were ready for me. I was taken along a corridor - at the end was a room with hospital-type bed/couch. Music was blasting from the speaker in the corner; I couldn't tell you what it was - by this time I was really nervous. My piercer showed me the needle and keeper in their sealed packages. She warned me that septums were difficult to pierce exactly horizontally, but reassured me that it wasn't necessarily going to look horribly crooked. She squirted some liquid onto two pices of tissue, and told me to poke one up each nostril. I did. "Don't worry - I'm not going to leave you like that", she smiled. She returned in a minute, and repeated the performance. This time I leaned over to read the label on the bottle. 'Xylocaine' it said. She returned, loooking at her watch; I began to feel like a ready meal in a microwave. Now, though, it was time to do the deed. I took the tissue out and she felt up around the inside my nose with her gloved fingertips. I found myself realizing what a yukky job being a piercer must be sometimes. She was poised, needle at the ready; I was aware of a slight, but very sharp pricking sensation, and braced myself for the forthcoming pain. I could see her looking intently at my nose, judging the angle and position. I had to stifle an irrational impulse to start giggling - it all seemed so surreal. Suddenly I became aware that she was holding the needle away in her right hand, and reaching down for the piece of jewelry - I had been pierced without even realizing it. I sensed rather than felt the keeper going into position. No pain, no involuntary tears, no nothing. "Is that it, then?", I heard myself ask. "Yes, take a look." I turned around to the mirror behind me. Oops - there was something there. You couldn't see exactly what, but you could see something. I'd have to flip it up. "Do you push it back or pull it forward?" I asked, feeling a proper idiot. "Either." she grinned. I pushed it back and up. Success - you couldn't see a thing. I made my way back into the waiting room and there was the guy in the jacket and trousers - it turns out he was waiting for an invisible septum as well. Will it show? He takes a look - nothing there; I heave a sigh of relief. He was wondering - does it hurt? "Didn't feel a thing," I tell him truthfully. He looks at my earrings and says sadly that he couldn't even have those in his job. We swap notes on our PAs, though! .... And as for aftercare - well, so far so good. The next day (Sunday) it felt like I'd got a really heavy cold - soreness, runny nose...the works. I soak it with salt water and clean it out with cotton wool once or twice a day, and now (two and a half weeks later) I 'm hardly aware that it's there. I'm really looking forward to being able to put a proper curved barbell or CBR in though...wow. If you'd like to see an update, or just to find out more about me and my piercings... check me out - I'm at: http://iam.bmezine.com?Don See you there.


submitted by: Don
on: 24 Nov. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: %28sorry+-+didn%27t+ask%29
Studio: Fifth+Dimension+-+at+Oasis
Location: Birmingham%2C+UK

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