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My 3rd septum, with reference to labret and tongue piercings

e had my septum pierced twice before. Both times I had a retainer. This time I decided to get a circular barbell. I have had other piercings before, but I wanted something I could hide when I went home. Not only would my parents disapprove, but my employee gave a hard time to someone who had her labret pierced. They made her put a band-aid over it, which looked ridiculous. People could tell it wasn't an injury. It was also uncomfortable for her. She ended up leaving. One of her friends, who also works there, had her lip pierced two weeks before. She still works there because she took out the ring while she worked, even through the healing process. The first time I went to the Jewelry Gallery located in the Garage in Cambridge, MA. At the time, I was away at school. One of my friends had her tongue pierced there. She eventually took it out, about a year later. I took out the first one because I didn't like the feel of the retainer. It was hard to move and clean. I also didn't like the way it looked when I had it flipped down. It was a black horseshoe. I had it repierced again this past winter. However, I had to take it out when I got a cold, because I had to blow my nose a lot. With the warmer weather, I decided to get it pierced yet again. This time, I decided to go to Loonar Piercing in Hadley, MA. I have had other piercings performed there in the past. I had gone there originally last summer to have my septum pierced, right before I went back to school. I can not remember his name, but the piercer told be that having my septum pierced would feel like getting punched in the nose. I thought about it for a minute, and then decided to chicken-out. I decided to have my labret pierced instead. The initial piercing didn't hurt. The next part, which I purposely wasn't told about, was the tube that would be pushed through the opposite way the needle was inserted. That was a bit uncomfortable, but a necessary step before inserting the labret stud. I had always wanted my labret done, but I knew I would not be able to leave it in long because of my parents and my job. I was getting funny looks from people afterward in a nearby mall. A guy working at CVS could not look me straight in the face. A couple weeks later, after I had removed the labret stud, I went back to the same CVS, with the same employee. I don't think he remembered me, but this time he no problem looking me straight ahead. This time, I was ready to go back to Loonar and go through with it, already having my septum pierced twice before. I asked for a circular barbell that could be easily flipped up, like a retainer. I had three to choose from, so I picked the one that looked like a U. I paid $61.50 for the piercing and jewelry. I then took a short walk around the waiting area, which had black and white photos on the walls of people in the process of being pierced. A few minutes later, Ben brought me to the piercing area. He explained the procedure in detail. He said that the septum my have to be pierced a second time if it didn't go through straight, since the cartilage moves. After wiping the septum with iodine, He had me lie down and close my eyes. He lined up the received tube with the needle. He asked me when it felt comfortable enough. When I was ready, He told me to take a deep breath. As I let it out, the needle when though my septum. It hurt a little bit, and my eyes began to water big time. After he screwed on the ball and I sat up, He took a look at it. He asked me if I was ready to do it again, because the piercing was straight, as he had explained before the piercing. I said yes, and we did it again. It didn't hurt as much the second time. It was a success. I decided to have it flipped up, since I had heard previously that it heals better that way. Also, I forget that it is there when I have it flipped up. I recommend this piercing to anyone. It's a great one to hide, especially if your employer doesn't like visible body piercing. I'm looking forward to getting my tongue pierced, again, for the fifth time. I had originally had my tongue pierced at Loonar Piercing, my first time being pierced there. I liked the way it looked there the best. I had to take it out because I almost got caught by my parents. At that time, I didn't know that my tongue was going to swell. My parents knew something was up, and I tried telling them I was fine.

I went into the bathroom to take it out. My  tongue, of course, started

to bleed. I rinsed my month out with cold water. After a few minutes, The bleeding stopped and the swelling went down. I then told my parents I was fine and didn't know what happened. They never knew I had it pierced and left me alone.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Ben
Studio: Loonar+Piercing
Location: Hadley%2C+MA

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