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I finally did it!!! (nostril piercing)

32-year-old registered nurse and I decided it was finally time to get my nose pierced. A friend of mine had heard really good things about a piercer named Kim, at a studio called "What's the Point," so I went to her. My friend came with me for moral support. (She's also an R.N.) I started getting nervous on the way there when we stopped for me to cash a check -- I noticed my hand was shaking when I was writing it! Once we got to the place, the first thing I saw when I walked in the door was a little Mexican Day of the Dead diorama. Since I collect Day of the Dead stuff, too, I knew that was my sign that I was in the right place. (It was a doctor and nurse and it said on it "this won't hurt a bit.") I picked out a "nostril screw" (basically, a stud with a long shaft that's curled so it lays flat inside the nose). It's a very small one, surgical steel with a little pink crystal (CZ, I think). I was really shaking once I sat in the chair! She cleaned my nose off (inside and out) and had me choose where I wanted it (that took a couple of tries because I wanted it placed exactly right and so did she). Then she put a sterilized cork in my nose and shoved a HUGE needle through my nostril! (I didn't see the needle, but apparently it impressed my nurse friend!) IT HURT!!! Tears were streaming down my face! (And I think I have a high tolerance for pain!) But it only hurt for a second or two, once the needle was actually in it was fine (I couldn't even feel her putting the jewelry in) and it hasn't hurt at all since; it's only a little sore when I touch it. Kim was very patient and understanding and explained everything she was going to do before she did it. I got a little dizzy, then started to feel a bit "funny." She had to tilt the chair back so I wouldn't pass out. My friend said my skin went totally grey. There was some bleeding, but the piercer said I bled much less than most people do (she said I had "thick healthy blood"), so I guess all the vitamin supplements I take are doing something. Anyway, I had to lie back like that and drink juice for awhile. (My friend said I only bled two generously sized drops.) The piercer was very nice and I told her I thought of piercing as a spiritual thing and she definitely agreed. I truly felt a bond with her by the time it was all over. We took pictures of all of us together and I hugged Kim before I left. AND IT LOOKS AWESOME!!! I would definitely do it over again! She did a beautiful job, it's only a little red around the piercing, and overall it looks very clean. She has a better sterile technique than a lot of nurses I've worked with!(She even showed my friend her new autoclave.) I've been giddy ever since because I have wanted to do this for close to ten years! I was worried it might look weird because I wear glasses, but it doesn't. I look and feel great! Now I just have to follow all my aftercare instructions: rinse my nose inside and out with saline solution 3 x a day, then apply Neosporin inside and out and wiggle the jewelry around so it gets inside the hole, wash with my regular soap inside and out whenever I normally wash my face and apply Neosporin afterwards. After 10 days, I continue with the saline for a minimum of 4 more days and switch to using vitamin E oil instead of Neosporin, but Karen said it could only help if I wanted to use the vitamin E oil for longer than that. She said it will take 3-4 months for it to truly heal, and that I shouldn't change the jewelry until then. Luckily, I seem to heal very fast in general, so I'm hoping this will all go smoothly. My nurse-ness has kicked in and I'm being really obsessive-compulsive about taking care of it! (And I have no problems blowing my nose when I need to!) I already have three piercings in the lobe and two in the cartilage of my left ear and one piercing in my right earlobe. I would like to get a third piercing in my left ear cartilage and two more piercings in my right earlobe. I'm also considering either a conch or helix piercing. It's a cliché, but it's true, piercing IS addictive, no matter how much it hurts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Kim
Studio: What%27s+the+Point
Location: Tallahassee%2C+FL

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