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One crooked, one straight septum

nd I have been talking on-line for a few months now. In our chatting, we both discovered we had a longing for another piercing. We both wanted our septums done, and decided that upon our first "real" meeting, we'd get it done. I was so hyped about it, as I always am before a new piercing. I loved the thought of being able to tuck it away when I wanted to. Jody had a friend make us septum keepers. He did an awesome job; even the piercer was impressed and asked us where we got the jewelry. We brought them to Sacred Heart in Vancouver ½ hour before our appointment to have them sterilized. We then went for coffee and cinnamon buns in an attempt to calm our nerves. All that sugar was probably not a good idea, now that I think of it. I was scared, I had heard that it was one of the most painful piercings, but I just didn't care, I wanted it, and so did Jody. Jody being the great friend she is, volunteered to go first. I really wanted to go first so I could watch her get it done. But since I was even a better friend, I let her go ahead of me. I left the shop entirely; I couldn't bare to go through with it if I even heard her make the smallest screech. Syx, our piercer was awesome. We were warned about septums being crooked occasionally, as it is a "blind pierce". Neither of us was too concerned about this at the time, the "it won't happen to me syndrome". Well poor Jody's is crooked. Mine is pretty straight, I can't complain. She has been directed to guide it into place by pulling at it. (That's what you get for having to go first, Jody!) He went over everything he was going to do in great detail and changed his gloves a million times while getting his supplies ready for Jody. Once Jody was ready, I left the room and leafed through the various tattoo portfolios in front and dreamed about future artwork. When she was finished, it was my turn. Jody, being the brave soul she is, (ya right!) watched my piercing. It was an interesting experience, to say the least. I have had a few other piercings, including my lip, eyebrow, ear cartilage, tongue and navel. The way this one felt was different, but in a good way. It didn't really hurt, not like my lip or ear did. My eyes watered like crazy, but not out of pain. It's something to do with a nerve in your nose, I believe. When the jewelry in, I was actually surprised. There was no pain afterward. There wasn't even an uncomfortable feeling, like with my lip. It felt like I had a big booger up both sides of my nose, to describe the feeling accurately. We were pierced with retainers, so they were turned up right away. I got used to the sensation very quickly and a few days later completely forgot it was there. At least until I whacked myself in the nose or if someone bumped me. Then it hurt. The aftercare suggested by my piercer consists of "nose gargles" with epsom salts and witch hazel applied with a q-tip, both done twice a day. The nose gargles are so much fun. I use 1 tablespoon of epsom salts to a bowl of cool water and blow bubbles out my nose. I don't know how effective it is, but it makes for great fun when someone sees me doing it and wonders what is wrong with me. The epsom salts have been wonderful on my lip piercing. I was having trouble with it, but as soon as I started the gargles, my lip has cleared up beautifully. I do the gargles at least 5 times and then rinse in the same fashion with regular water. It's been about a week and a half now and I have yet to see anything unusual. Which is out of the ordinary for me, I always have some difficulty with my piercings, especially in the first little while. I happened to the worst cold of my life 2 days after the piercing. Blowing your nose with a fresh septum piercing is not a pleasant experience, but not unbearable either. It just takes a little bit of creativity. This piercing is extremely hideable. My husband took a week to even notice it. It was sort of an experiment, to see how long it would take before he saw it. So hiding it from people that you are not lying down beside every night should be a breeze. If you are at all concerned about reactions from family or co-workers, get pierced with a retainer. That way you can wear a ring or a circular barbell when you want to make a statement. I love the versatility of this piercing, it is by far my favorite, next to my tongue ring.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Syx
Studio: Sacred+Heart+Tattoo
Location: Vancouver%2C+B.C.

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