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Secret Septum

fter getting 11 ear piercings, I decided I wanted something more, but what? Well I wanted to get my eyebrow for the longest time, but my mom was very against this too.. I worked on her for one day on the nipples, and again was turned down. So i asked her about my belly button, and I was given permission, but for my 16 bday and no sooner. Sigh! Then I found BME.. I looked around, and found some pictures of the septum piercing. At first i didn't like this look, but then i became more intrieged, and more fasinated. I wanted this. I printed some pictures for my mother, and she said no. I bugged her for a couple of weeks, still, the answer was a set no. Since i'm only 15, i didn't really have a choice, and I didn't want to pierce it myself in fear that i would pierce through the cartlidge and cause a major mess. So i waited. My boyfriend at the time wasn't to cool on the idea either, so I put it off.. a couple months later, my boyfriend and I broke up, which was really a tramatic expierence, and I still love him (2 months later). We were together for awhile.. Anyway, this threw me into a depression, and at one point i was suicidal. I didn't know what to do with myself, so i began cutting myself with safety pins, because i was afraid of an actual razor. I enjoyed the pain, and i think the marks it left were really beautiful.. soon this was not enough to dull my pain. I continued each day, with a nagging feeling, and soon my ex stopped talking to me almost completely, which left me more empty and drained than i had ever expierenced in my life. So, i talked to my friend, who had just got his tongue pierced and he told me this guy who was cool and would do it for me, outside of the shop because he knew what it was like to want something and not have that vital parental permission. I thought alittle more about this piercing, and realized that this was something that would me happy, and in a way help me get over my ex, and push back the depression since i'd wanted it for such along time.

So i said fuck it! Its my body and i'll do to it what i want.. I called the guy, and it took about 2 weeks to get the thing set up, my friend came along to do her nipple and we were going to the mall to meet the guy who set this all up for us (the guy with the pierced tongue..) When something went wrong (too long to explain) and we couldn't go to the mall, so we were screwed. We went back to my friends house, pissed, disappointed and upset. I called the piercer, and asked him if he could come down to my friend's place since no one was there, and I was surprized when he said yeah! This guy was doing us a major favor. He drove all the way down to meet us and pierce us, which is also illegal. what a guy. Anyway, he arrived at my friends house, set up all the equipment, and cleaned his hands, put gloves on, and cleaned my nose, since i was the one to go first. I was really nervous, I have to admit that. He cleaned my nose with iodine i think? the brown stuff? Well then he pulled the needle out, and felt around my nose for the soft spot under the cartlidge. This only took a couple of seconds. He flipped the needle, talking to me the whole way through, and alligned the recieving tube. He did his work freehand, and i respect him for this, since its hard enough to do it with clamps. He told me to keep breathing, and to relax. I naturally closed my eyes, and he told me that on the 3rd breath he would push the needle through. I said okay, and continued my breathing, expecting unbearable pain. I felt a slight prick, and warm tears running down my cheeks. I opened my eyes, and looked down and saw that i had a needle sticking out of my nose, and my friend had a terrified look on her face. The piercer smiled and said "don't worry, i cried too" which made me feel alittle bit better. I guess theres some nerve in your nose connected to the tear ducts? who knows..

Anyway, he said it came out nicely, and he slipped the needle through and pulled the retainer in. There was some blood, which took a couple of tissues to clean up, but not much. I looked in the mirror, and say what i never expected. I had a retainer hanging from my nose! WOW! I had the best adreneline rush. My whole body went numb and tingly, and it was such an awesome feeling. IT was a little crooked, but I pushed it and it went straight. i am very happy with the piercing, and the piercer did an excellent job i must say. HE talked me through everything, which a piercer should and explained the importance of cleaning. "If it gets infected, theres a chance that the infection could travel up the septum and into the brain, and you could die. You know this is a very minimal chance, but still, keep it very clean" He went over all the after care, and i paid him my 45 and thanked him since he did such an awsome job. It didn't even hurt! i was amazed. it felt like it had always been there, and it didn't bleed anymore then a few drops. I've had it pierced for 2 weeks and a day now, and it seems to be doing good, but i got this terrible cold a couple of days after I got it done which was a mess, and it makes it very hard to clean. I think its common though to get colds with nose piercings, as i have read here on BMe through other expierences. But i still have the cold, and my nose is sore a bit. I clean it 2 times daily with antibactiral soap, and saline contact solution. I also use sea salt soaks once in awhile. I I love the look of the piercing, and it has been a very cleansing expierince for me. It pulled me from my depression, and made me alot happier. I just hope someday my mother will understand so that I might be able to talk to her about it.

All in all its a great piercing with an exotic look.I wear a black niobuim 14 gauge retainer in mine, and its almost completely invisable when flipped up which is good. I love mine, and I recommend it. If you have any questions feel free to write anymlkrakr@hotmail.com


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 12 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: nope%21
Studio: in+my+friend%27s+room+%3A%29
Location: alb%2C+nm.

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