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Septum piercing @ Black Hole

t saw a septum piercing when I was 13. I was immediately attracted to it, and begged my mom to let me get it even though I was too young anyway. I didn't bother asking my dad, knowing how anti-piercing/tattooing he is. After a few years, I forgot about the septum piercing and became obsessed with the labret around the age of 16. I finally got my mom to agree to let me get that done, as well as my tongue (pierced at Black Hole also), so I got those within the next month and a half. I also ended up self-piercing my earlobes twice, and the cartilage of my right ear once (I took the jewelry out and let this piercing heal up due to problems during healing...I wouldn't recommend piercing your cartilage yourself, or anything for that matter, besides earlobes). That was about a year ago, and recently I've felt the urge to get another piercing. I found BME a couple months ago, and while browsing through the site I came across the septum piercing photos. I looked at all the pictures I could, and read many of the experiences. I knew then I just HAD to have my septum pierced. After months of begging, my mom again agreed to let me get pierced, after I convinced her that my dad wouldn't find out if I had it pierced with a retainer. We'll be moving out in a few months, and by then it will be healed so I can actually wear visible jewelry in it whenever I want. So anyway, we decided we'd do it today (Sunday, May 28th) since it was a rainy day and many people were on vacation for Memorial Day weekend. So we started off on our way to Black Hole, stopping for a quick lunch since you shouldn't be pierced on an empty stomach, of course. When we got there it was around 2 o'clock and only two other people were there. We waited about two minutes while they talked to the girl behind the counter, and then she asked what I wanted done after the two other people went and sat down. I told her I wanted my septum pierced, and she asked how old I was and I told her. She asked the piercer if she'd do a septum piercing on a 16 year old (I'll be 17 in about a month), and she said no problem. So my mom handed her a photocopy of our IDs, and she gave us the forms to fill out and sign, which didn't take long at all, and then she said she'd show me jewelry. I told her I just wanted a retainer, and she said okay and asked if I wanted the standard 14 gauge. I had thought about getting a 12 gauge, but I was excited so I just said yes. She told me to go ahead and sit down, and not even a minute later it was my turn to be pierced. By this time I was a little nervous, not as much as the other times I've gotten pierced, but nervous nonetheless. I pretty much knew what to expect. I went upstairs, my mom following (though I know she didn't really want to be there...) and sat down on the examination table thing, like in a doctor's office. The piercer, Tracy, was really friendly and professional throughout the whole process. I don't remember too many details, since I hardly got any sleep the night before...but I'll try to remember as much as I can. She cleaned out my nose with cotton swabs and then spread some kind of ointment in there with some more cotton swabs. Then she felt around for the place to pierce (wearing gloves, of course). Then I remember looking at the needle laying on a paper towel on a tray next to me, but that didn't bother me at all. I thought I wouldn't go through with it if I saw the needle, but I was pretty much calm then. She held the needle up to my septum, with the receiving tube on the other side. After a little while (I think she was checking the placement...I closed my eyes after I felt the needle touch me, because I could see her hands and I didn't want to watch her shove the needle through...), she told me to take a deep breath, then exhale. As soon as I exhaled I knew what was coming. She shoved the needle through rather quickly, and there was just a quick, sharp pain. It stopped hurting once the needle was in, so I opened my eyes. I could see the needle in there, and I think I closed my eyes again as she replaced the needle with the retainer. There was very little pain involved in that, just a dull sensation. She asked me if I wanted it up or down, and I said up because I had to hide it. My eyes had watered quite a bit from the piercing, but I didn't get the urge to sneeze like I've heard some people do. Tracy made sure I was okay, and gave me a paper towel to dry my eyes. I told her I was fine and thanked her, and walked downstairs. I forgot to tip her, since I was just kind of stunned that it went so quickly, and also since I was so tired. We paid for the piercing (only $37.00), and the girl behind the counter gave us both a copy of the aftercare instructions, and a little bag of sea salt for me. We were in and out of there in less than 10 minutes. Alright. It's been about ten hours since the piercing. It doesn't hurt unless I bump my nose. I have allergies, so I had to blow my nose a lot today which sort of made it hurt a bit. Nothing unbearable, though. I cleaned it carefully with the soap I had gotten for my labret piercing from the shop where I got it pierced. I used wet cotton swabs first to make sure there were no crusty things on the retainer. I didn't move the retainer around on the first day, I just cleaned around it, since it was sore and I didn't want to irritate it any more. I knew it'd be fine to move the retainer the next day. It was kind of hard to make sure all the soap was out of there, but I managed. Later on I used some warm saltwater (1/4 teaspoon salt to one cup of water, for those who don't know...I just make a cup of it, pour a little bit out into a small bowl and warm it up and use it, and put the rest in the fridge until I need it again), just dipping cotton swabs in it and holding it up to the piercing for awhile. Second day: When I cleaned it in the morning, there were a few pieces of dried blood on the cotton swabs, but it wasn't really sore. I flipped the retainer down and got some soap up there and slowly moved the retainer back and forth. It didn't hurt much at all, just a sort of dull, sore ache, but again it was a bit hard to get all the soap out. After cleaning it, I flipped it back up and used saltwater on it again. Things were basically the same when I cleaned it in the evening, except no dried blood...though after the cleaning, I was drying the inside of my nose with some tissues and found that it had bled a little. Third day: Things this morning were basically the same as the last cleaning, except no blood or crusty things. It didn't hurt much, only when I moved the retainer back and forth to get the soap in there. Later in the evening when I cleaned it again, it was getting less painful to clean it. Not that it was really anything to worry about in the first place, but now I can even pull on the retainer without it hurting at all. I've gotten better with getting the soap out...I fill a small cup with water, and stick my nose in it...I feel a little stupid standing there with my nose in a cup of water, but it gets the job done. I move the retainer as far over to one side as it will go first, then stick my nose in the water, then move the retainer to the other side, and do it again to make sure all the soap is off the retainer. I expect the healing to go pretty smoothly since it has been so far, but if I run into any problems, I'll be sure to post an update. Eh, I'm sure that's got enough detail. I think that's basically what you can expect if you're planning on (or thinking about) getting a septum piercing. I know everyone probably says this, but if you are considering getting it done, do it! It's a wonderful piercing, and really easy to hide if needed...For any of you in the Portland area, I highly recommend getting pierced at Black Hole. I had my labret pierced at a place that was not so great...since it was my first piercing, I didn't really know better. Once I got pierced at Black Hole, I knew they were so much more professional there. Be careful about the shop you choose. It's your body, treat it with respect!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 June 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tracy
Studio: Black+Hole+Body+Piercing
Location: Portland%2C+Oregon

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