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whatever you do don't sneeze

his is how the whole experience started. I woke up on a Friday morning and cashed my paycheck. I had alot of extra money this week so i decided to get a new hole in my head. I'm a big fan of facial piercings because i find they add to a persons attractiveness. I ran through the possibilities in my head and decided on getting my septum pierced. My first stop was at Body art emporium located acorss the street from needles. My god they were mean. They acted like i didn't belong in their shop and finally barked at me that they didn't have any septum jewelery. I left the shop rather dissappointed. I was ready to leave when I noticed the sign to needles across the way. After dodging traffic I walked into thye shop and rang a little bell. I sat and waited and looked through some metal magazines when Doug popped his head out from behind a curtain and said "hi. so what would you like done today." I replied that I wanted my septum done and he asked to see my I.D. I whipped it out and began filling out the forms. While i did that he preparred the tools needed for the job. Forms out of the way i proceded to the back behind the curtain and sat in a dentist type cahir and he asked me had i ever been pierced before. i replied well yeah my eyebrow and my ears.I thought this question odd because they were in plain view but i guess it was habit of him to ask. He went over all the details about what he was going to do and asked me to go into the bathroom and clean up. He had me wash my hands with anti-bacterial soap and then run the water as hot as i could stand cup my hands and suck water into my nose and shoot it out really fast to loosen up all the mucous and such. When I returned he had me lay back with my head hanging over the chair which was now layed back so he could inspect my septum. He slapped on the gloves and proceded to root around in my nose to feel for placement. He then asked me to sit up and let the blood run back into my body and explained that i had a deviated septum and that it was going to take a while to make accurate marks so that placement would be straight. He said"nothing can piss you off more than a crooked piercing espcially one so noticable." so again I layed back and he made marks all over my nose little cross hairs and such and 45 minutes later he asked me to again sit up and recollect my self. After a 10 min. break and a smoke later he asked i f I was ready to continue. Back in the saddle again i hung my head over the back once again he cleaned my nose with betadine or somethign that smelled remarkably like windex and thencame the clamps. DAMN!! this hurt alot and he appoligized then assured me it was neccesary to keep it straight. He told me then that he was going to rest the needle against my septum so that he could see if it were going to make me sneeze, as this could really mess up the pierceing if i were to do it during the initial piercing. No problem at first then came that old feeling. I tried to stiffle it but to no avail i let go. So off came the clamps and i had to clean my nose again. again with the windex crap and on with the clamps once more.Ouchies again. This time around I stiffled the sneeze and he had me begin my breathing and said that on the fourth exhale he would push it through. In...out 1. In...out 2. In...out 3. In...out 4, then CRUNCH!!! it was through.My eyes welled with tears (only because your tear ducts are connected to your nose in a way that it makes you do this not because it hurt so bad) My god this hurt quite a bit but for like only a second then off with the clamps.More relief. In with the jewlery and I was done. I sat up and he asked me how i felt and all i could do was AAHHHHHH CHOOOOO. sneeze right in his face. Sorry Doug. I looked in the mirror and it looked amazing nice and straight. I thanked him, payed him and tipped him 20 bucks cause he was so paitient and took time to do it right. Healing went quite nicely no blood and hardly any lymph or blood plasma crusties. The first weeks initial cleanings were quite a task because i had to clean this piercing 5 times a day. Your nose does stay quite sore for a while but only if it gets hit or bumped. But all in all it's a great piercing and i reccomend it. Just make sure you don't sneeze. any questions e-mail me i love e-mail. Jon


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 May 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Doug%28forgot+last+name.sorry+doug%29
Studio: Needles
Location: Bardstown+road+in+Kentucky

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