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*My Favorite Piercing!*

d to get my septum pierced a little over a year ago. I had been thinking about it for awhile, but just wasn't sure whether it would look right on me, and whether it was something that I really wanted. After considering it, I decided that it was definitely something i wanted to have done. It was near Christmas, so I asked my mother if I could get it done as a gift. He he... She is actually very understanding and accepting about things like this, and said that it was ok with her. So I began to call local tattoo and piercing parlors, to get information about the piercing and whatnot. (This was before I got the Internet.) Surprisingly, many of the places I called said that they no longer pierced the septum. I didn't ask why, and still wonder about this. If anyone knows why fewer people are doing it now, please email me. Anyhow, I finally found a place nearby that sounded nice. It turned out to be great, and I'm really sorry that I can't recall my piercer's name, he was wonderful! But, I believe he's the only one who does piercing there. So I got the prices and information, and decided to come in a few days later, since you don't need to make an appointment. When we arrived at the shop, I was a little nervous, as I usually am before I get a piercing done, but the piercer was very nice, funny and reassuring, qualities I think are very important parts of a good piercing experience! I chose my jewelry, a 14 gauge circular barbell, and also decided to get my tongue pierced at the same time. He took me over to the piercing area and got my nose cleaned up. (The only reason that I gave the place a 9/10 instead of 10 is because the waiting room/piercing table wasn't as comfortable as it could have been, but still nice. ) He explained both of the piercing procedures in great detail. Believe me, he told me everything I needed to know/expect; this was the longest part of the whole experience! I lay down on the table, and he got all the equipment ready, all sterilized and unopened of course. He marked the piercing and then everything was ready. I was still really nervous, being the huge baby that I am, but he calmed me down and took his time. When I was ready, he placed a receiving tube like they use in a nostril piercing on the opening of my left nostril. He then put the needle on the right side. He told me to inhale, a familiar part of the piercing to me, and when I exhaled he put the needle through. This is a hard sensation to describe to anyone who has never been pierced. It doesn't actually hurt, it is more of a feeling of pressure. It was similar to other piercings that I've had done, but slightly different. I think it was the fact that this was cartilage being pierced and not flesh that made the feeling a little stronger. After this one was done, he moved onto the tongue. I washed my mouth and he marked and clamped it, and put the needle through. I actually thought this one hurt a bit, despite all the people who had said it was "painless." Still, nothing unbearable. He put the jewelry in and let me look at that one too. When it was all done, I paid him and gave him a good tip for how helpful he'd been. He gave me the care instructions and told me to call if I needed to know anything more. The healing was the hard part! Maybe that's because I am clumsy, and always managed to knock my nose with my hand, or get it caught on my shirt. But I think this was the worse part of it. Cleaning it stung a little, especially if I wasn't careful and slid it too fast or tried to move it when it was "crusty." But I took care of it just how he had said, and within a month I didn't even know it was there. I still had to take care of it months later to make sure it didn't get infected, since piercings take along time to fully heal. But the initial healing time went pretty smoothly. It didn't get infected or migrate like other piercings I had had done did. And after the healing, I have to say, this is my favorite piercing I have ever had done! I love how it looks, and just love the feeling of having it even when I am wearing a retainer and no one else can see it. I think the most important thing about a piercing is that you get it for yourself and really enjoy having it, not to impress someone else, like a lot of teenagers seem to do. (Sorry to sound like a snob, but it's true!) Anyhow, I never regretted it for a second. If anyone reading this is thinking about getting theirs done, and really wants it, go for it! The thirty seconds of "pain" is so worth it to have something that you are as happy with as I am with this! And I really recommend Art Throb; it's a really great place. Okay, thanks for your time, if you have any questions or want to talk about piercing, feel free to email.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 May 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Can%27t+recall+%3A%28
Studio: Art+Throb
Location: Escondito%2C+CA

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