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Got a nostil ring.. and now it's gross!

my nostil pierced. Yay! I had wanted it for at least a year. It cost 40$ CAN. My parents told me that they didn't like the idea but I was obviously going to do it anyway, so.. My mom wanted me to get a stud, and I was going to, even tho I wanted a ring. I got a ring with a black bead. I didn't want a bead, but that's how it closes. (So the closure won't get caught in there, and stuff). I didn't want the little silver dot. I will get a stud later, for family and such affairs. I called the place first, and made an appointment, just to make sure, because it was a Sunday afternoon. When I got there, I had to fill in a few papers saying I hadn't been drinking alcohol in 48 hours or so and that I didn't have any blood diseases. and I had brought my passport for ID. I wasn't nervous while it was done but my boyfriend failed to mention the very thought of a piercing makes him nauseous. He had to leave the little room before the guy was done showing me that stuff and cleaning it. (It takes about 10 minutes for your piercer to prepare.) Luckily, my best friend was there too, and she stayed. The piercer said that he's seen friends pass out before.

Because my boyfriend was nervous, I was inspired not to be, to make him look like a weenie, hehe! He (the piercer) knew what he was talking about. He showed me how he kept changing his gloves and what he was doing. Then it was time to make the hole. He made a mark on my nose, and asked me if I liked it there. I said I wouldn't know where would be better or worse, and to just decide himself. he stuck a thin (pencil-size) metal tube in my nose to catch the needle on the other side. It wasn't uncomfortable, or there very long. He told me to breath deeply through my nose, and exhale through my mouth, to relax. He had the needle right beside my nostril and then -wait- I have to get you paper town for if your eyes water! (Apperantly he allways forgot to do this.) I told him "thanks for teasing me!" because he was just about to pierce it. It hurt when he stuck the needle in, and he left it in for a few seconds. He stuck it in and then turned around to get the ring. For the second it was in there I thought "I could never pierce anything for sensitive than my nose!". At that moment I couldn't believe anyone would pierce their nipple or anything like that. He said "you will feel a release of pressure when I slide the ring in" and I was glad to hear that. I told him to turn it so the bead was in my nose, but it hurt when he wa moving it. Alot. My eyes barely watered. I was really happy when I looked in the mirror and saw my new face decoration. It was stinging for the rest of the day. Right after I went to the drug store and got Bactine, because that's what he told me to get. It's clear liquid that you put on a q-tip to rub around the hole. They were very clean, I knew it was a good place. I recommend going to a place that age checks, that won't do just anyone. Anyway, I've had it 3 weeks, and it's gross now! There is something wrong. It's not infected because it's not gushing brownish or yellowish stuff... but it's something. It's been bloody when I clean it, especially in the morning. There's kind of a little ball of flesh coming out of my nose over the ring. It doesn't hurt, I can clean it fine, but it looks really gross! I think it's from pulling it an banging it too much, like rolling onto it in my sleep. During the first week I wasn't so good about washing my hands before touching it. Now, I'm putting polysporin cream on it, after normal cleaning with Bactine. I don't know what it's doing to my piercing/lump. Maybe it even caused it! I don't want to take it out, I love it, and I'd love for it to heal. I tell everyone (parents, etc)not to worry because it's supposed to heal in 8 weeks and it's only been 3. I'm optimistic. I'm not too worried, but my parents want an excuse for me to take it out. If anyone has experianced this, and/or has any advice/info, please contact me! Thanks! PS- You can (kind of) blow your nose if needed, but I don't recommend it!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Steve
Studio: In+Living+Colour
Location: Ottawa%2C+Ontario%2C+Canada

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