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Heavy Metal Septum

ed a piercing. Why, I don't know. I already had two tattoos, and I thought to myself that I wasn't a piercing guy, just a tattoo guy. Well, I was wrong. I had the desire to get a piercing, I just didn't know what to pierce. Everyone I asked thought I wuld look good with an eyebrow pierce, but I thought otherwise. People suggested a regular lobe, or even ear cartalidge, which I considered, but eventually decided that would make me look like a complete poseur. No one even suggested a septum to me, most likely because they thought I would look like a "freak". Like a gave a shit. The first time I went into Infinite Body Piercing on South Street in Philadelphia, I noticed a few people with their septum done. I hadn't really noticed this on people before, and it really intrigued me. So, I thought about it for about 3 months, and got it done. I go to college at Drexel University in Philly, and my hometown is Hartford, CT. My parents don't even know about my tattoos, and I sure as hell was not going to let them know about my septum being pierced. So I waited until after Christmas break, and then got talked out of it by a bunch of people that said it was a bad idea. They gave the reasons I was expecting: parents would ream me a new asshole, I wouldn't get hired at any respectable company, blah blah blah... But I told them I can hide it easily, therefore no one would ever have to know. Thats when they told me I would look like a reject. Yknow, I try not to be self-conscious about my appearance, and I try not to care what other people think, but for some reason this comment talked me out of it. So another couple months passed, and I had been having an assload of trouble with my social life (pardon me while I digress)... basically, it all came down to chicks don't really like a guy who loves and lives heavy metal. So anyway, one night I got really pissed about the whole situation, said "fuck everyone else", and went to South Street. I got to the studio, and told the dude at the counter what I wanted, asked for some suggestions for jewelry, and I decided on a 14 gauge septum retainer. Reason being, my father sometimes gives me surprise visits at school, and I needed to hide this thing in such a case. They told me to wait about 15 minutes, so I went outside to smoke a butt or six. By the time I was halfway done with the first one, Dierdra came outside and called me in. She seemed pretty rushed for some reason, but it was no big deal. She sat me in the dentists chair, and cleaned out my nostrils with some weird smelling shit. I was suprisingly calm for my first piercing. She then commented that I looked like a piercing virgin, and I told her thats why I'm here! She told me to lean forward, and she put a special clamp on my nose. Some people say this clamp hurts like a bitch, but it really didn't. The came the enormous looking needle, and she told me to breath in, and as I exhaled, she jammed the thing through. A few tears came out, but I knew this was supposed to happen. (ever try to pull a nose hair out? there must be some sensory organ in your nose that is directly connected to you tear ducts.) As for the pain, I can't really remember. To me, it felt like she hit some kind of spot that scrambled my brain for a second, giving me the weirdest feeling high in the world. I loved it though. So far, healing has been going smoothly, although I got sick of the retainer in a week, and bought a 14 gauge captive bead ring at the Philadelphia Tattoo convention in April. I had a hell of a time getting that sucker in, and I bent the shit out of it in the process. Then it ended up getting all gnarled from the plyers trying to make it circular again. I just said "fuck it" and went out and got a 12 gauge circular barbell from Infinite after the fourth week. That was a complete bitch to get in, and it felt like I was stabbing at a raw sore untill I got it all the way through. I love it though, and I might stretch it to a 10 gauge later on... but right now I just gotta concentrate on hiding it from the folks and finding a chick that likes metal too. Keep it heavy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Dierdra
Studio: Infinite+Body+Piercing
Location: Philadelphia%2C+PA

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