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An awl through my septum

ny years I have wanted to get my septum pierced - even before I knew what that area of the nose was called. It's such a strong, and in-your-face type of piercing, which really contradicts my entire persona (but who cares?). Even though I liked the piercing, as well as others, I never really considered getting a piercing myself, until very recently. I was talking to a friend of mine, who currently has 3 piercings, and she convinced me to get something done. Although I want genital piercings, I knew I'd have to wait for those. Instead, I decided on a septum piercing, considering that I already liked them, and had recently found out how easily they could be hidden. So I began inquiring as to wear all my pierced friends had gotten their bodies mutilate...uuhhh...pierced, and a few of my friends had gone to Ian's. They didn't check your age (unless you were obviously too young to make a good decision), however, all of their work that I had seen looked good, so I decided that going there would be my best course of action. I went in a few times before to ask some questions (sterility, price, jewelry options, etc), and decided for myself that this was the place to go. So one day, when there was no school for some reason or another, and my friend Eric and I went down to St. Mark's (obviously, where Ian's is located). I went into the studio, confirmed the price with tax (and mentally added on the tip). Tony, who was the piercer who was there for today (they have three or four piercers) came up and told me they were having a special that day. He lifted up his hand, which contained a three-inch awl, and said, "We're piercing with this today!" So I went down to the bank, and took out the appropriate amount of money ($40 for the piercing, and I had some money already in my wallet for the tip), and headed back. Now for the fun part. I paid for the piercing, and went into the back piercing room. Tony had me stand up, as he cleaned the inside of my nose, and told me to only breathe through my mouth. Then, using a felt-tipped pen, he marked my nose, and then remarked it. He then had me lie down on the table. Picking up the awl, he held it up to my nose with the receiving tube on the other end. I laughed, as did my friend Eric, and he put it down and picked up the needle (without changing gloves I might add, which pissed me off later when I thought about it, however, I'm fine as of writing this, so I guess it's not bad). He slipped it through, I said, "Ouch," even thought it didn't hurt that much, and then he took the niobium retainer out of the madacide, and slipped it through. He then adjusted the retainer with pliers so it would fit properly, which hurt much more than the piercing, because he was tugging on it a little, and then he flipped it up, and explained how to do it. He then told me how to clean it, to drink some juice to get my blood sugar level back up, and searched for the aftercare sheet (alas, they were all out). I tipped him, and thanked both Tony, and the guy at the front desk, and went on my way. I bought some orange juice, and stopped in at a Right Aid (or maybe it was CVS), and bought some dial soap. For over a month I cleaned it twice a day, and after about a month and a week I started cleaning it once a day. It has been over two months, and it still hasn't healed completely (my fault though, DON'T BE STUPID LIKE ME AND PLAY WITH IT ALL THE TIME). I use salt-water and Dial, and it gets better everyday. Since getting my septum pierced, I have accumulated a few different pieces of jewelry. I currently have my niobium retainer (which, I might add, I cannot feel at all when it's flipped up), a stainless steal circular barbell, which I bent so that it can also be flipped up my nose (although if you glance up my nose you can see a silver rod and ball in each nostril), an orange and green UV CBR, and a stainless steel tusk, which makes me look scary, at least, so say my friends. I really don't think the tusks go with my face, but that's exactly why I like them. A few weeks later, Eric and I went back, and he got his lip pierced, and I'm hoping that he writes his experience soon. -Yoshi


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Tony
Studio: Ian%27s
Location: NYC

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