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Septum Scare

been trying to figure out what piercing I wanted to get next when I came across a picture at this site of a beautiful girl with green hair and brown eyes that had a septum ring. That did it for me- I looked at a few other pictures and decided that it was what I wanted- very sexy, and I could flip it up when I need to hide it. I couldn't get in touch with the woman I usually go to Svenja, a woman I met when she owned her own shop but later started piercing from her home. I couldn't get in touch with her, and being an extremely impatient person I started looking for a studio. I decided against Jinx Proof in Georgetown because 1) they are jerks- great at what they do, but jerks and 2) they are horribly expensive. I finally remembered Exposed Tempations- I had been there before for a cover-up tattoo and they were clean and had really nice people there. It was about a 40 minute drive, (most of it spent on Route 28 so it's very, very boring) but I had plenty of time to relax and get excited. I dragged my best friend Emilee (and of course her plaything Jeromey) along, so the trip wasn't too bad. . We got there, and looked around for a bit before going up to the counter and asking about the septum piercings- it was $60 (ouch!) but I'd rather pay more and get it done right. So I pay, fill out forms, give her my driver's license, and then sit back and wait for the piercer to come out. At this point I was getting butterflies in my stomach, and when the piercer came out I grabbed Emilee's hand and dragged her in with me. I don't usually need people to hold my hand, but this time I was nervous. We went back to his space, and I sat down in the orange vinyl chair. He was playing the Dead Kennedy's really loud, and didn't say much to me. I kept trying to ask questions, but he looked uncomfortable and kind of pissed off so I just shut up. I was about to say 'forget it, let's get my money and leave' when he wiped some Betadine on my nose and got the needle and retainer out. He told me to keep my head straight, but I asked him if he was sure he didn't want me to lay my head back because it seemed strange to sit straight up. (no putting dots on, using a clamp, having me lay back) He said no, and that I would tear up and shoved the needle through. (I had heard that this was the most painful piercing and was prepared for the worse, but it wasn't that bad. My tragus rings hurt a hell of a lot more than this.) He slipped in the retainer, handed me instructions, and looked like he was getting annoyed when I tried getting advice on my nipple rings (one was acting up). He said that my jewelry was probably to small, and that the tragus rings were too big- so I should switch them but his curtain wasn't up so he couldn't do it. After telling me that he had left the retainer down so I could see how to flip it up he ran to the bathroom. I went to the front of the shop to leave a $5 tip for him but they told me to go put it in his tip jar. When I went back he was there and I handed it to him and said thanks, and he said something to me as I left (I can't remember what it was). Emilee's plaything told me that it looked crooked, and I freaked out until Emilee said it looked fine. Even now I can't tell if it's the jewelry or the piercing because part of the side is bent inward a little bit. The retainer is not like the one's I've seen- it's black and it looks exactly like a staple. End of story, it's only been a week but I'm going to see Svenja tomorrow (finally got in touch with her!)and get everything sorted out. Maybe the guy was having a bad day and I was over reacting a little, but it definitely was the worst piercing experience I've had. I am still really happy about getting it done, but I'm going to be extremely pissed off it turns out that the piercing is crooked. Not just a little off when you look at it from the side, I think one end is higher up than the other, and I'm worried that when I switch jewelry it will be very obvious. Grrrrrr!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 29 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: guy+in+orange+hat
Studio: Exposed+Temptations
Location: Manassas%2C+Va

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