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Oh! You've Got One Of Those Bull Rings!!

st experience with seeing a septum piercing was actually in the video clip for "Black no.1" by Type O Negative many years ago, and I was morbidly fascinated by the lead singer's "Bull Ring". Since then I went to a school where many people actually had them, and I got used to them, although my general opinion was still that the people looked like they has something yucky dripping out of their nose. But after my best friend had gotten his done I was sitting outside the room when he got it done, listening to him groan and moan - it had deflected off the cartilage and he nearly fainted, I got used to them and actually started to think they were pretty good. I'd already had 6 earrings, one nosering, and my tongue pierced, and was itching to get a new piercing. I experimented a few times by hanging a few ring-shaped earrings from my septum to get a vague idea of what it would look like. My friend and I both have slightly germanic noses. Not big, but not cute little buttons either. I liked the look of it! One night, getting drunk with a friend of mine, Cath, on our usual Tuesday Night sessions, we started talking about piercings, and how we both wanted new ones. She already had her nostril, lip and labret done, and wanted her tongue and eyebrow done. We eventually decided, in a moment of drunken inspiration, that we would both go and get them done tomorrow, dammit! And we were going to go to Austrlian Tattoo Company that friends had already been too, since I knew the prices were very cheap, and us both being unemployed bums, this was an issue. They only charged you for the jewellery, and not for the actualy putting it in.

After drinking until quite early in the morning, we both passed out, but I remembered that I was to get up early in the morning to call ATC to verify the prices, and make an appointment. I vaguely woke up at 11am and called the place, and was told that a septum piercing was $30 for the basic jewllery, and an eyebrow and tongue with basic jewllery would be $90. I made an appointment for 3:30pm. I next woke up, feeling quite seedy, at 3pm, and woke Cath, and we hurriedly got dressed and headed into the city. We knew it would be best for us to eat something before we got pierced, so we stopped off at Hungry Jacks, and bought some burgers and fries, and hopped on a train for the 50 minute ride out to Dandenong. We were feeling so seedy that we couldnt eat half our food, and we were having second thoughts about getting pierced while we were in such a state. NOTE: it is best not to get drunk around the time of your piercing, since, as I am told, alcohol thins your blood, NOT making for a good condition to be pierced in, or heal well. We got there late, but it didnt matter that we'd missed our appointment, as they were quite relaxed there. We waited about 15 mins while they finished up with some other people. I was a bit surprised at this place, because they didnt ask us to sign a waiver form or anything. Also, it was an open shop, and people were smoking all over the place, including right next to where the piercings were being done. Although they didnt smoke during a piercing or tattoo, and they sterilised everything, and used surgical gloves. I went first. I was a bit nervous, since I knew septum piercings were supposed to hurt quite a bit. But I steeled myself, and sat down in the chair. I asked the guy, jokingly, "Is this going to hurt?" expecting a reassuring, soothing reply, instead I got an honest, "Fucken oath!" which instead of making it worse, actually made me laugh and relax a little. He marked the spots on my septum, and said "Just remember - dont sneeze!" and yoink the needle was going through! It did hurt a bit, and my eyes teared up, and I did want to sneeze a little, but it was bearable. I can remember going, "Ohhh, fuuuckkk!". Then he quickly stuck the ring in, a 14 gauge stainless teel Captive Slave Ball ring, and it was all over! It took about a minute from start to finish, maximum. My nose throbbed a little, and I took a quick look in the mirror.. I looked strange! The ring was bigger than I thought, and I wasn't too happy with that, but apart from that, it was great! Cath sat down and got her tongue and eyebrow pierced in about 5 minutes flat. I held her hand during both, and she actually squealed during the tongue piercing, and afterward, said it hurt worse than the eyebrow. We headed back to the station to go home, admiring our jewellery in every window we could find. We bought some cans of coke to keep up our blood sugar levels up, and it was then that I discovered the first problem. Every time I tried to ake a sip from the can, the tab would bump on my septum ring, and catch on it.. I learned to deal with that quickly! I've had my septum pierced for a little over a year now, and I love it! It was stiff and has a bit of crusties for the first few weeks, but I cleaned it off fine with saline solution. It healed really fast, and I am pleased to say that it actually suits me. I've had friends point it out to other friends and go "See? doesn't it look great on her?". I've also learned a few party tricks, such as sticking my tongue barbell through the septum ring, which looks oh-so-elegant, but it always has a fascinated audience! People generally ask me "How do you blow your nose?" to which I generally reply, "With a tissue." and they look all disappointed. So I add, 'But you have to make sure to clean all the snot off the ring!" By The Way - BE PREPARED FOR BULL / COW JOKES!!!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: some+guy
Studio: Australian+Tattoo+Company
Location: Dandenong%2C+Vic%2C+Australia

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