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Painfull nostril

een wanting to get my nose pierced for ages now!! I had always thought Indian girls looked really pretty with them and being eurasian, I thought it would suit me. Most of my friends thought that I would look good with it, but some DID express doubts (eat your heart out now guys!!heheh). I already had my belly button pierced and didn't find it that painful. The thing is that I had not told my parents I was gonna pierce my navel so when I got it done they were kinda pissed off. So when I did ask to get my nose pierced the objected. But after extensive discussion with my mom, she finally agreed. Most of my friends thought that I would look good with it, but some DID express doubts (eat your heart out now guys!!heheh) Anyways, here I am, on my last week of the spring term, completely psyched about getting it done. Me and my best friend decided to go during the afternoon of Friday the 14th of April, the last day of term(which was only half day). Turns out there is a heavy rainstorm so we didn't have skewl at all!! Anyways, after lunch at around 2, me and my best friend head over to the one and only proper piercing place in Hong-Kong, Primal Piercing. It was such bad weather, we got completely soaked on our way there!! The guy who works there greets us and I tell him I want to get my nose pierced. So he hands me over a box full of little nose studs and asks me which one I want, and I chose this cute little blue diamond. So he disappears for a while to clean the stud and get everything ready. Then we step into a smaller room and he cleans my nose. He looks at it from the side and places a little mark. "Is that good enough?" he says, "Yeah that's fine". He commented on how small my nose was but said that I had thick nostrils so the process might be abit complicated. At this precise moment I'm thinking "Oh my god, at LAST!!"I ask him : "Is it gonna hurt really badly? I mean my navel didn't hurt that much but.." "No it shouldn't hurt that much (he said) but the clamp might feel uncomfortable". Then he tells me to relax and places the clamp on. I grab my Best friends' hand and close my eyes. (I have low tolerance to pain so..) He counts to 3 and passes the needle through. "OH MY GOD, it hurts like a B*TCH!!", my eyes start to water and a tear runs down the side of my cheek. I dunno if I was crying in pain, or in relief. He then puts in the stud and asks me to place the back by myself as it is sometimes easier, but me, still being psyched, nervous and in pain, fail to put it in. After a few minutes I tell him he should try coz I can't do it, and even that takes a few minutes. Anyways, everything is done now, the stud is in. I ask the guy a few questions out of concern such as : "How long will it take to heal? (about 8 weeks), Can I go swimming? (only after 4 weeks) Is it ok if I apply soap or sunscreen on it by accident? (that's fine as long as you don't forget to thoroughly clean it with Saline Solution afterwards)." My nose is still bleeding at this point but it doesn't hurt AS much. The piercer hands me over a cotton wool covered in Saline solution in order to clean my nose and try and remove the blood. I look at my cute little stud in amazement and am really proud of it. I pay the piercer, he gives me some cleaning product and an aftercare sheet and I'm on my way. I get home and no one is there, and since I got nothing to do I decide to clean my piercing again!! You guys might think I'm a complete freak but I guess I'm just slightly paranoid. I have an obcession with cleaning my new piercings a million times a day!! Oh well, at least I've neva gotten infected!! heheh It still hurts abit now, 2 hours later, but I'm so damn happy that I've finally gotten it done. I would say it hurts a lot more than a navel piercing but that's my opinion. Some people I know said they thought belly button piercings hurt more so I guess it really all depends. Overall I'm really glad I've gotten it done, even though it hurt a hell of a lot. My best friend says it looks really cute and a few people have said it suits me real well. Just one advice, if you are unsure whether or not it'll suit you, try and get those fake ones to see if it'll look good coz there's nothing more annoying/embaressing than getting a piercing that looks awfull and cost quite a lot. I can't wait till tonight to show it off to all my friends!!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: I+dunno+his+name
Studio: Primal+piercings
Location: Hong-kong

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