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Great, Just Great

start off by saying this place is very sterile and the body piercer Steven is a full time body piercer and is really talented. The staff was helpful and very nice. I live several miles from Nashville so it took convincing to my mom that I wanted a septum piercing. I had one before from my hometown but it was pierced wrong so I took it out. I let it heal up for several months. Then I started to talk to my mom about getting it repierced, she refused several times. I asked plenty of times and she refused once again. So one day I came up to her and asked her again she finally said yes. Thank God! I told her I heard about Ink Gallery in Nashville which now had two shops opened up. I told her about the new that opened up. She declined at first, but later on I talked her into going down there. I was going to leave on a Sunday. So I had to wait for a couple of days. Three to be exact. Over the three days I thought about what Gauge I wanted in my Septum, I wanted an 8. The big Day finally came. We started off to the final destination Nashville. The drive down there felt like it took forever because I was nervous about what to expect. My last one was one with a recieveing tube and it was crooked so I took it out, I was just afraid this one would be if I got it pierced. The more I Thought about it the more I got nervous. Things ran through my head, I thought what if the place was not clean. Finally thou we got there. I took a few minutes but I found the place. As soon as I walked in you could tell this place was really clean and sterile like a hospitial. The guy that worked behind the jewelry counter asked me what I wanted I said I wanted a septum piercing. But I want it custom, I want a 8 gauge. Further words were said. He said he could do it but he prefer steven to. He said Steven would be there at any minute. I said ok and waited. I browsed around in amazement of how clean this place was, I looked at the Tattoos. Very nice they were indeed. Several minutes flew by, so I looked at the jewelry. I liked what I saw. Then this man (steven) Walked in multiple piercings in the face. He walked closer I saw he had a big septum, three lip rings, A 6 gauge septum, a nostril, Plugs in both ears very cool. My brother in-law said Yup that must be the body piercer and it was. My nerves went down and I was very calm. We had words and I told him I wanted an 8 gauge. He said he could if he had the tapers. He did not at the time. So I would later settle for a 14 gauge. But that was ok. He told me to wait while he had everything organized. He washed his hands and pulled out all proper equipment. I waited several minutes until he called me back. It was time to get pierced. I went into the piercing room, very clean and sterile. Everything was sterile ect We had several words about the septum piercing ect. I was extremly calm now. Looked at my nose and said He would do it but it would take a while to perfect the dots to pierce it better. Basically we agrred not to dot. He cleaned my nose out laid my head back in this black dentist chair. He clamped my septum, looked at it over and over several times to make sure it was right. It was and I was calm. He changed atleast I know three or four times during the piercing. Back to the piercing. He changed his gloves for the fourth or hird time again and picked up the needle. Looked at my septum again and then went for it. I felt it alittle and then I felt it come out. No Pain!! How cool is that. !4 gauge captive was put in. Before I left he cleaned the blood off my my inside ect. He said to me come back in two weeks for a check up I said ok and I did. We shook hands before I left. He said his name was steven, I told him mine and thats it. My septum is straight. I am so happy it makes the other one I had pierced at my home town look like Shit. Im so happy I plan on going back to get more piercings there. I reccommend it highly.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Steven
Studio: Ink+Gallery+Tattoo
Location: Nashville+1715+church+street

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