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Easy septum

f all the piercings I have had or seen I love this one the best. It healed pretty well and is very concealable. But lets get into the details. I got my tongue pierced over a year ago and after that being my first piercing besides my ears I decided I wanted to get my septum pierced too. I didn't think it would fit me though. So I put it off. Then a little after I got my tongue done I started to change. The way I was, the way I dressed etc. And decided that it would fit me better. I was being swallowed by the auction and the piercing bug at the same time so it worked out fairly well for me. I was on ebay one day and found a someone selling a lot of jewelry from a store that was closing. So I naturally bid on it seeing the deal. I got about 70 different pieces for about $60. Some of the jewelry included was different sized septum retainers. I was so ready to get it done after that. So I talked my girlfriend into letting me get it done and didn't bother telling my mom because I had heard it was so easy to hide. So I headed down to CDS and asked them if they could pierce me with my own jewelry. They said normally they don't but they would because It was just like what they sold. So I signed the paper and paid my $37. I went outside for the 20 minute wait they needed to clean the jewelry and eventually the guy came outside and told me he was ready. So I went back in and got in the chair in the back room. He laid all his paper towels and we talked about the expenses involved in piercing. I never knew needles were so expensive. Then I started asking about the actual piercing. He had his done too and told me about his experience. He told me it was very painful if I had to get it redone if it fell out or anything so I should be carefull. Then he told me to relax. I sat back and he felt around in my nose and cleaned it out with some sort of liquid. Then he opened the needle (which was a 12 gauge) and put that and the recieving tube up to my nose. He poked around a while to show me exactly where he would go threw. It hurt more when he was doing that then when he actually pierced me. I told him "I hope you aren't going to tell me when you do it." and he said "Don't worry, I wont" and then he pushed threw. I was totally calm and didn't expect it at all. It made my eyes water quite a bit but didn't hurt to much. He followed through with the retainer. Before he got it all the way through he was telling me how good it was. After he got the retainer all the way in he said "Uh oh!". I freaked out so much. He told me it was pretty crooked and wasn't goint to let me go home like that. So he took the retainer out after telling me it would be the most painful part. Then he repeated his procedure but he put the needle through the other side. And put the retainer back in. I was very happy but kinda annoyed. The holes were connected so on one side there was a lot more room for movement so it was still kinda crooked. But I was ok with it so I went home and just forgot about it when I wasn't cleaning it. About a week after I got it done I put a circular barbell through it at school and changed it back to the retainer when I was at home. Within two weeks I decided I wanted to stretch. So I made my own jewelry out of a plastic wire cover with a needle through it to help it keep shape. I thought it was about a 10g and figured that would work. I took my 12g retainer out and put the 10g in. it went right through. No pain. Then I realized it was because when I was pierced since the holes were connected it made the first stretch easy. After my nose was totally healed I took it out and found out it was really an 8g. After that the hole was straight. So I made a 6g retainer with a piece of metal in my garage and some vice grips. I bent it into shape and tried to put it through. This was the most painful part I have gone through so far. It took me about a half hour just to get the retainer in. I folder it up and left it alone for a few weeks. Then my mom found out about it. My sister told on me. So she made me take it out. That was pretty painful too. After arguing with her for about 4 hours I ran back upstairs and tried to put my 6g back in. It wouldn't fit. So I tried my 8. It worked but It was still a little hard. That was about 2 weeks ago. Tonight I stretched back to a 6g and my mom doens't know I still have it. It was less painful this time too. I plan on going up to a 4g or maybe even a 2. I'm fine for now though. I would recommend this piercing to anyone that feels they need to express themselves but also needs to be able to hide it for family, jobs, etc. It is very worth it though. No matter how much it hurts. In the end its worth it. If you want to know anything else just email me: [email protected] Or even if you just want to talk. Have a nice day Spunk


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Pretty+cool+guy
Studio: CDS
Location: colorado

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