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Over the fear of needles

35 year old woman living in Australia. I have had a fascination for piercings and tattoos from the age of six. I heard that one of my friends' mothers had a ring in her clitoris hood and always wondered about how it would feel to be pierced after that. I have 29 piercings in all and 7 tattoos. Enough about me and onto the story of my self pierced septum. I have researched the BME site for stories written by others who have pierced their own septums - a big thanks to all you brave souls for recounting your experiences. I have looked at all of the photos on the site for placement of the piercing. Thanks again Shannon for the creation of this fantastic site.

I have ripped open an EMLA patch and have secured it up the insides of my nose with a 10ga ring that I stretched to fit with my trusty pliers, so that it doesn't fall out, and the area will hopefully be sufficiently numb for me to be able to pierce it without falling over and passing out in about an hour.

Even though I have pierced my ears (23 times) my navel and my nostril, I am a "needle whimp". This seems to be a contradiction, but when it comes to surgical looking implements, my stomach really turns. So, apart from having a really neat looking piercing, I am hoping to be able to get over my fear of needles, by actually using one on my septum piercing. A kind of spiritual growth. I must admit though, I did toy with the idea of shoving a gun-piercing stud in there anyway. When I started to pierce my ears, I used large kilt pins, and would then thread a sleeper through the hole that I had made. When I discovered piercing studs, I would just push them through my ear and secure the butterfly on the back. After about 4 weeks, I would change the stud for a sleeper as I prefer the look of rings. I had never liked the idea of using a sharp surgical needle on myself, but since they are de rigour for piercing these days, I thought I'd give it a go. A friend of mine in Virginia has told me about the benefits of septum piercing, and has piqued my interest to the point where I just can't wait any longer, and have to do it. She gave me some basic information about placement - especially making sure that I get it straight, the ease of piercing this body part and the quick healing time. I have to admit it was one conversation with her that had me running to a piercer to have my clit hood done! After feeling "top heavy" for so many years, this piercing made me feel more balanced out. She is a great advocate for genital and exotic piercings and we met through our interest in piercing and alternate sexual practices. LATER I have sterilised and prepared the ring that I will wear in my new piercing. I have chosen a 14ga 8mm ring, which I have stretched to be able to flip up inside my nose. I need to be able to conceal this piercing at the moment and cannot afford a retainer. My whole nose is starting to go numb. It would have to be the wierdest sensation! I would imagine another 15 minutes or so and it will be "dead" and I can carry out the piercing. I am pretty excited at the moment, pity you all can't see the smile on my face. THE PIERCING After waiting the required time for the EMLA to start working, I prepared my work area. As I layed out my tools, I knew right there and then I couldn't use the piercing needle. So, I chose the piercing stud. As it turned out, this was the better choice for three reasons. One, the ring I had chosen to wear was too small and after another measurement exercise, realised I would not be able to comfortably wear it in the hole; two, I have a completely concealed piercing and three, I didn't have to wait.
I thought about leaving the stud with out the butterfly clip on the back, but after checking it out, realised that I could lose the stud once the piercing loosens. So, on went the butterfly clip. It all sits comfortably in my right nostril. I am more adept at using these studs for piercing. Just yesterday, I pierced a friend's ears with studs - it is a method that I use quite often. They are quite sharp ended, but obviously not as sharp as the needle, and I was surprised at how easily it went through my septum. After reading one story in BME where the person described that they spent minutes trying to get their chosen implement through the septum, I was a little sceptical about using the blunter of my chosen tools. There were many deciding factors in chosing the stud, another, was that I found after scrabbling around my house for a cork, I didn't have one. Being a straight edger I don't drink, and therefore, had no corks sitting about the place. I was going to use a metal tube, but found it all a bit awkward in the end, and was worried about not being able to give myself a straight septum piercing.
Well, now that I have admired my handiwork in the mirror for the last half hour, I guess I should carry on about my day. I finally did it. No passing out! No blood! I still have to get over that fear I have of surgical needles. Maybe I'll have to go and do some play piercing... I am sure that will help. Anyone out there want to play? A WEEK LATER I have changed the stud for a 16ga micro bar and that feels alot better. I am not advocating the use of piercing studs - but they work for me. I had the piercing checked by a piercer where I live, and he was amazed at the correct placement, and most importantly, that I got it in there straight. He also liked my stretched ear holes, but that's another story. Was it a fluke? Who knows. At least I didn't have to take it out and herald a failure. The piercing is healing quite nicely, as I am using my own home made healing concoction. I would not recommend a novice alchemist use their own creams, it is important that the chemical makeup of each plant is understood. I know that I am just going to love this piercing, more than any of the others I wear. I am looking into having both my nipples pierced -this time by a professional, so it's back onto BME for more research!



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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