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What do you mean it hurts?

to stop going to South Street when I have money and I'm bored. The first time I got a tattoo, the next semester a tragus piercing, and now I have my septum pierced. After reading all the experiences on BME about septum piercings I knew I wanted one. I liked the way retainers and circular barbells looked, and loved how I could hide it easily for work. (I work with mentally handicapped children) I also loved the fact that when my school does it's summer costume day I could pull it down and have some fun. So when I realized I had enough money for the piercing I headed down to South Street. My only intent was to ask questions about the piercing, not actually getting the piercing until right before finals. I decided to go to Inifnite Body because of the wonderful things I've heard about them. I had just had my tragus pierced at another local studio, Inferno, and would not recommend them. When I mentioned to my roommate (who was watching the procedure) that it didn't hurt as much as people told me it would, we could both hear the piercer say "damn". Although it may not be in reference to the lack of pain I experienced, it seemed like it was. The counterstaff was also distant in their additude, and I did not get to choose what jewelry I wanted. I had also gone to Warrior Piercing fairly often with friends as they got various piercings and was not impressed. When my friend got his nipple pierced the piercer didn't even clean up any of the bleeding! Well, the girl at the counter of Infinite was incredibly helpful and knowledgable.. She showed me the different types of jewelry and the different gauges I could get pierced with while I was still asking questions. When she pulled out a 14 ga. black niobium retainer I knew I was going to get pierced that night. Deidra (the piercer) was incredibly nice. We talked about aftercare while she set up, and discussed the different kinds of antibacterial soaps available. (She recommends Dial) I was very impressed with her demeanor and knowledge of what she was doing. When I asked about the possibility of piercing through cartilage she said that if she hit cartilage it would hurt more, but still be bearable. After feeling around my septum she told me that she wouldn't hit cartilage, I had plenty of room. Then it was piercing time. She put on the clamps, and as she put them on she told me that they would pinch and just let her know if they were too tight. (They were fine) I had never seen clamps like these, though. Instead of being the two ovals I'm used to seeing, they were two little tubes. I've since learned that these are septum clamps, and am happy that they were used. She had me take a deep breath and pushed the needle through as I exhaled. I had felt the pressure, but was slightly suprised to see the needle sitting there. (The piercing chair faces a mirror) I didn't even have time to clench my hands into fists! I couldn't help grinning - it was so cool! She slid the retainer in and pressed some guaze on either side of the hole to stop the minor bleeding. And the adrenaline rush was strangly different than what I'm used to, I was much more aware of it. As I write this it's been about a week since the piercing. The only time I bled besides the initial piercing was when I sneezed later that night. It's very easy to clean. I'm not having any problems with it. And I'll admit it, I sleep with a teddy bear left over from my childhood. Although my bear caused problems with another piercing a few days after I got it, I'm not having any problems with this one. After having been to three piercing studios in Philly, I have to say that I am the most impressed with Infinite. I reccommend it, and Deidra, to anyone looking to get pierced in the area. My septum is already my favorite piercing. I get mixed reactions about it, some good, most in the theme of "Why would you do that? It's crazy!" (Most people with this reaction come around) I also get a lot of "Didn't that hurt?!" My answer: No. Not in the least. It didn't go through cartilage, it hurt more to get my cartilage pierced! If you want a septum piercing, all I can say is go for it! It's a relativly painless piercing, and the aftercare is fairly simple. Be prepared, though. It hurts to sneeze right away, and if you have retainer jewelry it will move when you sneeze or blow your nose. And no matter what kind of jewely you get, some one will say you look like a cow.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Deidra
Studio: Infinite+Body
Location: Philadelphia%2C+PA

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