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Pinch, Pain, Pierced---my Septum

ady have my ears pierced (8 times in m left ear, 4 times in my right ear) and I decided that I wanted something else, a little more unusual. But I also wanted to be able to hide my piercing. So, I opted for the septum piercing. I had gotten a tattoo from Kathy Body at her studio Life Itself Tattoos, and decided that I would go back there and have my septum pierced by Steve (the piercer that worked there). I chose Steve because he had been the one to greet us the first time we went into the shop, and was really open and friendly. He showed us the autoclave room. And he had his own seperate piercing room. He made me feel really comfortable and answered any questions I had. He explained to me pretty much what would happen. That I would get clamped, and then have the needle shoved through the skin below the cartalige in my nose. I got to sit in the nice doctor looking chair while all the stuff was getting cleaned for my piercing. I was kinda nervous, looking all around the room.....feeling the butterflies in my stomach and all that. I looked at the pictures of some of the other piercings that were hanging on the wall in front of the chair. I also discussed gauging of the piercing. I had already decided that I was going to get a 14 gauge (cause that is what he carried in retainers and that is what he recommended, I could always stretch it later). I asked about other piercings and what gauges they use. And got told that 14 is a pretty good standard. Mostly it was a bunch of light hearted chit-chat to try and keep my mind off of what was going to happen. Then Steve got to do the really fun stuff, like poking up around in my nose (talk about invasion of privacy L) to see where the best spot to put the hole would be). I got all cleaned up and disinfected. He got his supplies ready, put the clamps on. That was really uncomfortable, just imagine metal things being stuck into your nose AND squeezing the inside of it.....not fun. Honestly I do NOT even know how those fit on me, cause my nose is really tiny. I started keeping my eyes looking UP at the ceiling and he told me to breathe in and out a few times...and the PUSH, this sharp thing stuck into my nose....some tears came to my eyes (none ran down my cheeks though), and my husband's hand got crushed from my squeezing it. He learned that next time he will take his ring off first L I chose to have a retainer put in it so Steve put it in, and then had to use the pliers to change the shape some so it could flip up into my nose, and poof you could hardly see it. I also asked him about captive bead rings and how to work them. He told me that a ring that has a non circular bead tends to be easier to take the bead out of and put the bead into and he showed me how to do that. He also said that if I wanted him change the jewerly that he would do that for me once the piercing had healed up. He told me to stay there until I felt like leaving, that there was no hurry, and that if I felt light headed to DEFINATLY stay put. So, I sat there for awhile. Nursed my husband's poor hand some. Cleaned up a cut that I had gotten trying to rescue a stray cat earlier that day, then I got up and looked around the shop planning out my next tattoo. It definatly stung, more then my two tattoos I had gotten before it. But I like it, it is cute :-) Almost all after care things say it, and I will say it DO NOT PICK AT THE CRUSTIES....it just makes things worse. Also, people think blowing your nose or something like that would be really bad with a septum ring, but its not. I could not sleep on it for the first night, but after that I could sleep anyway I wanted to. I got told to use dial, but I switched to Phisoderm (under the advice of a local piercer in Michigan). He said that Phisoderm will not be as harsh to the piercing as Dial is. I washed it twice a day, twisting the jewerly through the piercing like I was told to. I found that it is easier to clean it in the shower, cause then you can stick your nose under the running water to clean all the soap out. It stings for awhile. But eventually you get to where you do not even notice that there is anything there anymore. It is almost done healing now, so i can put hoops and stuff into it, which I am looking forward to. If you have any questions about getting your septum pierced, or your tongue (which I just recently got done too) email me :-)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Steve+%40+LifeItSelf
Studio: Life+ItSelf+tattoo+and+piercing
Location: Barrie%2C+Ontario+Canada

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