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Gubben's Sunny Septum

Thought of it One sunny afternoon, the summer of 99 (I was 17 then), I suddenly had the urge to get a piercing. I wasn't too enthusiastic about them before - surprisingly, being "that weird guy", getting piercings never crossed my mind. Untill.. Well, I didn't really know that much about piercings, so I decided to find out more about the jewelry since I had no idea how the hell did the rings & stuff work. First I surfed and surfed, with rather bad luck. Untill I ran into BME. Untill then I had getting my lip done in mind, but sooner or later I started swaying slowly towards a septum. In fact I believe I had it done only a couple of days later. In the evening I warned my mom n dad - both not too comfortable with the idea, my mother suggesting TO GET A TATTOO INSTEAD! DAMN! I'd like to see her taking off the tattoo before a job interview.. ACT II: Getting to it Me and my friend decided to go to Helsinki, to eat Chinese or stuff, and agreed to get me pierced. Well, I decided that the only logical choice after intensive research of Finnish studios was definately Harness. After some wandering I managed to find the studio. Only Yazka and a friend of hers were there then, which is VERY unusual since later when I've been there's always been someone getting a navel pierced. I asked if she had the time to do me, and we got on with it. Being broke I chose the regular 16mm (14 in gauges which I ptui spit on.) barbell, the total costs (piercing+jewellery) being 230fmk, about 41 USD. ACT III: Needle and the damage done (This is how it went according to my equal-to-gold-fish memory:) First, she cleaned the area with "the brown stuff" which I believe to be betadine or equal. "Now don't you be inhaling this:)" she warned me, and from the stench of it, I wouldn't have done it even if she asked me to:) Then, I believe he put on the clamps. It pinched quite uncomfortably, but that's normal. After that she inserted the needle. This actually hurt more than I expected so the sting got me a bit off guard, but it wasn't really that bad, even though my eyes did water. Putting on the ring caused some watering too, but it didn't really hurt any more than the needle, just pinched some. And after that.. It's done. We chatted around a bit I think, and off I went. Getting used to the ring was a bit strange because the bead felt like a drop of snot on my upper lip:) I eyeballed myself from every reflective surface along the way to the chinese restaurant and I couldn't have been happier. When I got home, shining like the sun, my mom was like "YEOOOW you did it anyway" and my father.. well, I believe "PERKELE NENĂ„RENGAS!" ("BLOODY NOSERING!") says it all - but they're ok with it I guess. ACT IV: Aftercare It took surprisingly long for the wound to heal up decently, at first it didn't move up or down, and I practically could make it stick in a certain position, and making it move side-to-side without it hurting took about a month and a half. When cleaning, I usually just soaked it with Septidin (though Yazka told me not to because it might've irritated the insides of my nose) used for wounds & burns & soft tissues. I never cared too much for those crappy soaps - Septidin works out just fine & is usually recommended by the good people at Harness. Never ever mess with your piercing(jewelry) when drunk - I managed to fuck up one curved barbell (I somehow got both of the balls detached and lost the bar) I used to hide my piercing - so kids, don't try any stunts at home or anywhere else when in danger fucking up the jewelry. ACT V: The stuff I do with it Well, it get's in the way when kissing sometimes, especially the spike, but I do like hanging my keys from it and going modern art on my friends, and on the end of november 99 I got a septum spike 2mm thick from the sides and 1,6mm in the middle (Stretching hurt more than the tonguepiercing I got at the time) - and when I really want to scare the people in the cafe I work at, I put a plastic spoon there. That's it, I believe. It hurt a bit, but I like the way it looks and the procedure & aftercare is quite simple. Ok yes it shows, by other than that, Go ahead and do it. If you have anything you'd like to ask me, especially if you live in Finland, go ahead, maybe I can help you. I kinda got bitten by a piercing fly, so I had my tongue, nipples and penis done in that order after my septum. I've also stretched my earlobes a bit. It's surprising how addictive this stuff can be. Experiences can be found in their own categories.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 April 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Yazka
Studio: Harness
Location: Helsinki+in+Finland+in+Northern+Europe

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