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finally, my self-done septum

ell well...a septum piercing has been a long desired one for me. Sadly, after my navel was done my parents proclaimed: no more piercing! I of course did not let this stop me. I went on to continue piercing my ears (i now have 7 holes, two of which have been stretched to 8 and 12 ga). But i soon decided i desperately needed something else. Something facial. I have long time craved a septum piercing due to the awesome look, the verstility and the hidability. So I decided enough was enough and today i went to several shops, trying to use an expired ID as proof of my age. It turned out only shop that accepted it was a dirty-looking place in the back of a clothing store, and i then proceeded to wait a half an hour untill the tatoo artist told me the piercer wasn't even coming in that day. So at the last studio i tried, I purchased a 12 gauge retainer, needle, and receiving tube (not even knowing exactly what a receiving tube was, but knowing i needed one). The guy at the counter advised me not to hit my cartilage, showed me the placement of his septum ring, and off i went. Two hours later I was standing in front of my bathroom mirror with the supplies laid out. I had by then figured out how to use a receiving tube even though it came with a cork (whose purpose i was very confused about and decided to use it simply to discard the needle.) I felt about in my nose, trying to find a place that would be hidden but below the cartilage. After deciding on a place and nervously poking the needle against my nose, I dug in a little and was very shocked to hear an odd noise in my right ear! It was sort of a low vibration and was very unpleasant; felt like something related to one's ears refusing to pop when changing altitude. Well i was about to give up due to this extremely unpleasant feeling but soon noticed a tiny bit of blood inside my nose where i had pricked. This gave me hope so i dug the needle through into the receiving tube. I felt almost no pain at all, just the dull noise in my ears and the feeling of the needle passing through flesh. It was amazing! Worried that it might have gone through a tad crooked, but too elated and nervous to do anything about it, i easily slid the retainer in as i pushed the needle out. Here comes the hard part: The retainer was in; i was overjoyed. But i knew my parents were coming home soon so i went to flip the jewlery up...but couldn't! it would't fit no matter what i tried! I started to panic. A hideable piercing wont do you much good if it's sticking out of one's nose! My parents may be oblivious sometimes, but they sure would notice this. Desperate, I pulled the tip of my nose outwards untill I could begin to slide the retaner back and up. This was fairly uncomfortable as it squeezed in on bone and cartilage, but i eventually jammed it up there and disposed of the needle and other supplies (of course keeping the receiving tube which i now have no idea what to use for but is pretty damn cool looking). I had done this not a minute too soon when i heard the front door close-my dad was home early from work! I went into the kitchen to take some tylenol (to keep the swelling down and reduce soreness) and he didnt seem to notice. What an awesome feeling! I later went out to dinner with my parents, and although paranoid. ( i snuck off to the bathroom twice to check on the visability) no one saw a thing!!! Hopefully the healing will go well. It has been slightly sore tonight (especially when my well meaning friend hit me in the nose...) with some dried blood on the jewelery. I cannot wait untill it is healed enough for other jewelery. I have a beautiful 12 ga acrylic yellow CBR in my ear which i think would be marvelous. I must also obtain a steel something for when my hair is no longer green.... Well i can't say i reccomend this piercing to do ones self, as placement is very tricky and crookedness is easy...but the pain is neglegable (about 1/20 of my navel which was a very sharp prolonged prick) and the hideability is a plus, making it a marvelous piercing to have. Perhaps soon I will post a picture, but first I have to be brave enough to flip the retainer down (i have only done this once since the piercing and it had not gotten much easier). good luck!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 31 March 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: myself
Studio: bathroom
Location: san+francisco

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