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Valhalla Septum

first introduce myself; my name is Jake, I'm 19, and I attend the Florida Atlantic University Honors College. For my eighteenth birthday I had wandered down to Tampa's Ybor City to get my smaller-than-a-dime nipple pierced. Fortunately, not only had my parents given me permission (seeing no problem with non-visible piercings) but they had given me the money to get it done. Also fortunately, I had checked out the piercing parlours on the Strip, so I knew where I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I had forgotten that my birthday was the same day as Gasparilla, Tampa's version of Mardi Gras. Although the festival had finished two hours earlier, the City was packed, and it still took me half an hour to walk the 200 metres to the shop. Anyway, I was delighted with my nipple. The needle went through with just a sharp intake of breath from me, and I was in good enough condition to chat with one of my friends on the phone as the piercer bandaged me up. So, when I got the piercing crave this year, I figured I'd go back there. I planned for my nineteenth birthday I would do the other nipple. However, I eventually decided against that. I didn't want to do it just for the hell of it. However, I still had the piercing bug, and decided to wander the Information Highway. That's where I found (did you guess yet?) BME. Excellent. I'd been thinking about a septum piercing, and trying to convince my parents I could put a stud up there and no one would be the wiser. But they were against it. So, I read every single experience, and looked at every single picture, and my want, nay, my need, to get it pierced grew every day. I learned all about retainers and told my parents it really was an invisible piercing when it needed to be, and sent them some pictures. They caved. So, three weeks after my birthday I returned to Tampa. The first weekend of my Sping Break coincided with the last week of that of my friends at UF, so we all headed out to Ybor to party. But first, I wanted my septum doing. We got to the shop at about 11:20. The same shop I'd had my nipple done, Valhalla. I'd told a friend I was going to get it done there whilst driving from the West coast to the Gulf coast, and she'd said she knew some people who worked there and it was a good place. A couple of my friends came in to look at tattoos. I had to wait a couple of minutes, because there was a queue of people getting tattoos. Then I came and asked about getting a septum piercing. Checked everything against my newfound BME knowledge of what to expect, and was satisfied. They had all these Fakir Musafar certificates on the walls for Monte, the piercing guy, so I guessed that was worth something, too. He said he usually put CBRs in new holes, but I asked if he'd do a circular barbell, and he said that was OK. So, I signed away my nose, and went into the back room. My chum JJ came in with me. Monte (I'm pretty sure that's his name. E-mail me if it isn't and I'll change it.) laid everything out, put on gloves, and stuck the needle inside my nose. He did it freehand and unmarked. Then he pushed the needle through. I was very disappointed. I'd been bracing myself for the pain and listening out for the popping sound. I didn't get either. There was a slight prick which was over before I noticed it, and no sound. Then I checked it out in the mirror. It's exquisite. I'd had two fears about this piercing; that it was going to accidentally go through the cartilage, which I understand is fairly unpleasant, and that it would be crooked. But it was neither. Then Monte asks if I'm OK. I was fine. He gave me a tissue to wipe the tear off my face. (Everyone's eyes tear. I'm no pansy). He said he'd done it fairly high and near the front as that's the best place to do it. Then he shows me his unoccupied septum hole, which was really low, right near the tip, and says that this is a prime example of a bad piercing. I handed over my cash, hopped out of the chair, ate a Star Crunch, and went outside, to where my friends were waiting. It was by now all of 11:30. We went off to Pleasure Dome and partied till about 2:30. I kept forgetting it was in and bashing it when I wiped sweat of my top lip, but even that didn't seem to bring any pain. My advise to anyone considering getting this piercing is definitely to go do it. It looks bad ass. And if you've ever had mild razor burn, a mosquito bite, or a slightly painful zit, then you are more that ready for the pain of this piercing. I'm serious, man. And go to Valhalla to get it done, with Monte.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 24 March 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Monte
Studio: Valhalla
Location: Ybor+City%2C+FL

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