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NO PAIN ! A beautiful Septum!

wanted a piercing (besides the ear)for forever, but my mom just hasn't ever been too agreeable with any of the ones that I would like done. This really makes no sense considering she has let me get a tatoo and a quite noticeable decoration straight through my conch and tragus.At first, way back in the 8th grade, I wanted to get my tongue done but that never happened. My interest in piercings started again a couple of years later when I started to see more and more different things being done. I want to eventually have double labrets, maybe my bridge, well....maybe many things. I keep seeing more and more piercings that spark my interest and I really enjoy the excitement of the whole experience. I also have one tatoo of a cross I designed. There was no pain involved with that really at all. It felt like hard hard scraping, thats it. Now I am finally 18. Getting closer and closer to this birthday I began to do research on the best places and piercers around and came upon a nice little place called Rings of Desire in New Orleans.I met or spoke to breifly rather, the master piercer- Elaine Angel, she seemed very knowledgable and she was certified. I went back and did more research right here at BME looking for the right piercing for me,taking into consideration the ability to hide and looks, also the pain factor. I had heard that the septum is one of the most painful piercings but I have decided that that all depends on the person and there mindset. It is the most easily hidden though. This was the piercing for me, Mcdonalds nor mom would ever know the difference. After reading an interveiw done with Ms. Angel, here at BME, I knew she was the one I would trust to add another hole to my body. She is a lady who most definitely knows her stuff. Today is the day and my boyfriend and I are headed to New Orleans. The whole time I keep pinching my nose to maybe get an idea of what kind of pain I would experience and that seemed to hurt alittle. It also would make my eyes water. I started to think again about getting this done. Finally I decided, I'm a Women, I can give birth for goodness sakes. I went in told them what I would like to get done, altogether with jewelry( a 10g retainer) it was $61.00. Not too bad, I want it done right. SHe goes to prep and then leads me back to this very doctor office like little room. She tells me very detailed step by step what she is doing from very start to very finish.It made me feel very relaxed and safe(if your piercer does that then youve got a good one).She had me lie on a doctor's table and tilt my head back to where she could see down in there.She massaged my septum for a little while which made it all the more comfortable because it helped my nose get used to having something right there. Before I knew it the jewelry was in. No pain at all, in fact all of my ear piercings have hurt more, even stretching them out has hurt more than this.

While we were there my boyfriend decided to get both of his nostrils done. It was basically the same process except he got no massage and he stayed seated in the chair. It looks so awesome. I really can't say how the pain was om that one. CAre should be pretty simple. I Musn't let this thing get infected, she made sure to get me very paranoid about all germs everywhere. I just put alittle of the soap stuff they gave me on there for right now. In a few days I should wiggle it. I tried that today on my first clean and almost passed on because of the fear that there would be excruciating pain. I also can soak my nose in warm water with maybe a bit of salt added to just loosen it up a bit. I'm just worried about blowing my nose. I'm glad I waited until my cold was gone. If you are thinking about getting any piercing, do your homework, if you are more concered about the cost than the quality and your own safety then you run a very very good chance of getting butchered. It happened to my boyfriend twice. IT can be a very wonderful experience if done the right way. FOr me there was no pain, but that's always different for each individual. My secret is finding a peacful place within myself. I discovered that while at the dentist getting the novacane shot, which I despise. So I wish you luck and hope you enjoy your piercings as much as I do.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 March 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Elaine+Angel
Studio: Rings+of+Desire
Location: New+Orleans+%2Cla

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