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Septum Sunday

SUNDAY, February 20, 2000 It had been a wild and wacky weekend. I had spent it with my partner having sex, eating pizza, sharing stories, engaging in stimulating conversation, and not getting much sleep. Some friends from Edmonton were in town visiting and we spend a great time chatting in their hotel room. After they left, the both of us were physically tired yet I was kind of wired and didn't know what I wanted to do. I knew I had to buy some juice and get some minor groceries..........but aside from that, our Sunday afternoon was open. We drove past my house into the trendy Kensington neighborhood, and my knees began to shake. You see, I've been interested in a particular facial piercing for a while now: septum piercings.....and now we were driving near the body-piercing place. My partner knows that it's been a desire of mine for some time and now he was just waiting for me to be decisive and make my choice. Did I really want to go to the piercing place to finally get it done? Something inside of me said yes, absolutely..........but something else in me said that this was too impulsive. Like I said, if I was to do it, today was the day as I was still quite wired from the great weekend we had. We drove around and made U-turns for 10 minutes. I could see his frustration. He stopped the truck and tersely said "Okay, I'll wait". "Wait for what?" I asked "Wait for you to make a decision." I paused. Then sighed and loudly said "Okay, let's go. Turn around here and park near the parlour." This was it. I had just made a decision that I had to stick to........my partner would have it no other way. We parked at a local bank and walked two blocks to the tattoo and body-piercing parlour. We've both gotten to know the piercer there; he's really nice and he always recognizes my partner and me when we walk in. My partner got his tongue pierced by him not too long ago. There were a couple of younger girls standing at the counter browsing around at the colourful jewelry inside the glass case. We approached the counter and heard the girls' indecisiveness at what to get pierced. They didn't look much older than 16. Everytime I see people swaying in direction about stuff like this, it bothers me. You don't walk into a body-piercing parlour and ask the guy at the counter what he thinks you should get pierced. You'd think that if you walk into a body-piercing place, you'd already sort of figured out what part of your body you want to pierce. You pierce your body for personal reasons. Not because everyone else is doing it or because it's a trend and you think your boy/girlfriend will like it. I've been thinking and fantasizing about my septum for almost a year........and now I finally got up enough courage and gumption to do it. I enquired about the price of a septum retainer and ran to the bank down the block the get the cash. We sat in the waiting area for the staff to take care of the teenage girls and finish off previous transactions. When the time came, I quickly stood up and stared at my partner who remained seated. "Aren't you coming?" I nervously queried. "Sure." He smiled and slowly stood up behind me. We followed our piercer, Jake, into the back room. He sat me on his medical bench and we started talking casually about the pictures he hung from his walls and then places he's traveled. He is an accomplished artist who has traveled around the world. Last summer he returned from Papua New Guinea and proudly showed off his photos from the trip. He fraternized with the aboriginal people there and learned a lot about their tattoo, scarification, and piercing traditions. Jake has quite a few piercings and tattoos on his body to show off as well..........including an impressive and very large black "flame" that runs from the middle of his right thigh all the way up his side (over top of his ribs) to his armpits. There's a mounted black and white photo of a woman in a short white wig wearing thigh high lace up boots with 5 inch heels. She's leaning against a chair and looking seductively into the camera. I numbingly stared at it while my partner and Jake were chatting to one another, and while Jake was preparing the sterile piercing equipment.

"Septum piercings are really good piercings. They heal quite well and you can stretch them easily", he said matter-of-factly as he swabbed my nostrils and measured my septum for the retainer. "What I like to do is anaesthetize the septum because these things can be temperamental and I don't want to rush this. I want to do a good job with this piercing." I didn't argue. I simply sat there silently awaiting the little sting from the needle. I glanced at my partner, who was sitting on a stool smiling smugly at my nervousness. He winked at me. Everytime he winks at me, I feel more comfortable. Jake approached me with the syringe and I began to shudder with excitement. My partner got up, walked over to us, and put his arm on my shoulders and supported my head as I tilted it back and closed my eyes. Jake told me to relax (easier said than done) and poked the syringe into my septum. It stung and hurt, but quickly faded away as the anaesthetic enveloped my nose. As a reflex, my tear ducts welled up tears began flowing down the side of my face. After the syringe had been emptied, he slowly inserted a long metal spike through my septum to hold the piercing.
I crossed my eyes and looked down the length of my bridge. Steel spikes were poking out both sides of my nose. It looked kind of neat. "You're pierced, darlin'!" my partner endearingly whispered. Thanks to the anaesthetic, I felt no pain, but inside I was elated. Jake then brought over the steel retainer and slowly replaced the steel spike with it. The whole process took no more than five minutes, but the feeling I had will last me forever. I stared in his mirror for what seemed like eternity. I joked with my partner that I looked like I had silver snot flowing out of my nose. As the afternoon wore on, he commented on how good it looked on me and that it's image grew on him. When we came out of the back room to pay him, there were some different young girls standing at the counter admiring the jewelry. They saw that I had just gotten my nose pierced and admired it for a moment before looking back down at the display case. I felt proud. I got strange looks from everyone who crossed our path; people were doing double takes. But that's not why I got it done. I got it done for myself......and I'm feeling empowered from doing so. Hopefully, there'll be more wild and wacky weekends to come.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 March 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Jake
Studio: Body+Inc.+Tattoo+%26+Body+Piercing+Studio
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta

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