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I done got my septum pierced

ugust, I found myself bored and restless so I decided I needed to do something new. On a whim, I went to get my septum pierced because I like the way it looked. It is unique and I thought it looked pretty good on the few people I saw with it, not to mention it's hideable when I need to look professional and when I eventually grow up I won't have a visable hole or scar where it goes. I got a friend of mine who is no stranger to piercing to meet me after classes one day. She agreed to hold my hand while I was getting it done and she was also going to get her bellybutton pierced that day. I was really nervous. I hadn't ever been pierced before and needles and blood typically make me throw up and pass out (I don't even try to donate blood anymore). So I was sweating and shaking like never before and I couldn't concentrate in my classes all day long because I was so nervous from the pain I was about to go through. So we walk over to Ancient Art Tattoo where my friend had been pierced a number of times and has a really good reputation for cleanliness and follow-up and the like. I chose the smallest circular barbell they had because I don't want to look scary and freaky, just different. It's a 14 gauge and I'm not even sure of the diameter, but I still wear it today, almost 6 months later. I paid my money, signed the waiver and after Mike the piercer made fun of my name for a while, I went back to the piercing room. I was shaking and sweating really bad at this point. Mike and my friend did what they could to calm me down, and it sort of worked. Mike cleaned out my nose and did whatever he had to do to get ready. He explained that he was going to pierce me below the cartilage in a cylinder of flesh towards the front of my nose and that it wouldn't hurt at all. I'm not big on anatomy, so I just trusted that he knew what he was talking about. He told me to breath in through my mouth and out through my nose three times. I was crushing my friends hand right now. He held up the recieving tube and the needle and on my third inhale he pushed it through. It really didn't hurt much, just kind of stung and made my eyes water like I had just pulled out a lot of nose hair. He stuck the barbell in and I was done. He told me how to take care of it, gave me an info sheet and I was good to go. I was very dilligent about cleaning it, but two events set back my healing process. Maybe two weeks after I had it done, I ran in the USMC Mud Run. This is a 5k race that is heavy on swimming through soupy mud. Needless to say I got a lot of mud up my nose and had a hell of a time cleaning it. It got very sore from that. About a week later, I cought a cold. This hurt even more because my nose was already sore from the race, and whenever I blew my nose, I always grabbed the ring pulling the kleenex away. That was a rough week. after that, I really didn't have any problems and it healed up good. I eventually bought a retainer for it so my parents wouldn't see it when I went home for Thanksgiving break (my parents are not tolerant of everything). It was and still is very tricky for me to swap the two because I can't see the hole where it goes, so I just have to poke around until I find it, and screwing those little balls on the ring is a real bitch. I was at a rave one weekend and sweating a good deal and one of the beads worked it's way off and I lost it, but I got it replaced the next day. So now, about 6 months later, I have no problems with it. Yes, I can pick my nose, although the first couple of weeks it was a little tricky. Sometimes when I take a shirt off, I catch it on the collar or something, but that isn't a big deal and my parents still don't know about it even after being around them for a month of winter break . So I don't want to reccommend that you get one, because it may cause some problems (I'm convinced my biochemistry professor thinks I'm on drugs. I don't think he's going to give me any help if my grade is borderline this semester) but I have definetly hooked up a lot more with this in my face. With trashy women! Yeah!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Feb. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Mike
Studio: Ancient+Art+Tattoo
Location: Southwest+Virginia

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