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Joining the septum club

ys put myself in the group of people who liked piercings but didn't have any. I've always been attracted to them. When I first met my girl friend she had her nostril and her tongue. I've even accompanied her to piercing parlor more than once. (I prefer to call them piercing parlors. It's more elegant.) I have also helped her through her trying healing process on several occasions. I wanted to go through the process myself but I was too afraid of what others would think. Like most people I knew that piercings would not go over at work. My favorite piercing is the septum. I was trying to convince my girlfriend that the septum piercing was a good one for her. I explain to her the advantages of the septum piercing such as the hid ability with a retainer and the quick healing time. After giving her all these reason, she said to me why don't I do it myself if I think all these reason are so good. I decide that I didn't want to do it because I was concerned that even if I had a retainer in people would see it. Several months later, I decide to quit my job and go back to school. I made the decision that once I quit my job I was going to get my septum pierced. The piercing would be very symbolic of my new direction in life. So I went and did my homework on septum piercings. I read all the stories on the BME web site. I figured since the stories were helpful, I should reciprocate. Occasionally I would see people who had their septum pierced and I would ask them about their experience and where they got pierced. Luckily I live in San Francisco where there are tons of piercing parlors. My problem was deciding on which piercing parlor to go to. Paul King at Cold Steel did some of my girl friend's piercings. She said she had her best piercing experience with Paul, so I decide to go see him. Since this was my first piercing I wanted to go to someone I thought was experienced. Paul told me he has been piercing for nine years. I figured nine years was adequate. Two days after I quit my job I went to Cold Steel. I met Paul and he helped me pick out a 14-gauge niobium retainer. After wait about 20 minutes Paul and I went to a room in the back. Paul was very thorough in explaining to me what he was going to do. He was very meticulous as well. Every time he touched something he would change gloves. He must have gone through about 6 to 8 pairs of gloves. He told me he buys boxes of gloves by the truckload. First he felt in my nose to find the sweet spot and then he cleaned the inside of my nose. He used a special pair of forceps design for septum piercings. He told me how I should breathe and when he was going to insert the needle. So I did the breathing and he inserted the needle. I was so surprised how painless the whole piercing was. He then inserted the retainer. He showed me how to flip the retainer up and made the comment that even my dentist wouldn't be able to the retainer. Paul finally explained the cleaning and care process. He told me that the septum piercing heals very quickly. I was so happy with the whole experience because it was virtually painless, the retainer was impossible to see, and Paul did such good job at making me feel comfortable After I left Cold Steel, my nose didn't hurt. I had great experience at Cold Steel and found everyone who work there to be very friendly, knowledgeable, and prudent. The healing process went well. I cleaned to piercing twice a day. I became very good friends with cotton swabs. The underside of my nose hurt for the first couple of weeks. I was very anxious for it to heal so I could put a ring in. I went back to Cold Steel and found a great 14-gauge niobium captive ring. Switching jewelry can be difficult at first because you can't see where to hole is. Once the piercing is healed the jewelry should slide right in granted you find the hole. Since I wear the retainer most of the time, no one knew I had had it pierced. I was more nervous about what my friends would say, then about getting it pierced. Not all of my friends know I have it pierced and not everyone likes it, but I love the piercing and it has a very special meaning to me. When I see someone else with a septum piercing I feel like we're in the same club because we've gone through the same experience. The funny thing is now that I've gotten it done my girl friend likes it so much she's considering getting her septum piercing too.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Feb. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Paul+King
Studio: Cold+Steel
Location: San+Francisco

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