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Painless Septum

terest in piercing first started with trying to pierce my eyebrow in 8th grade that really didn't workout to well since it was a sewing needle. But later I got my ear pierced at a little jewelry store in the middle of a mall at 15. After I had stretched the ear to a 10ga. I felt unbalanced and had the other ear pierced(my ears are now at 0ga. levels with 10ga.'s in the other holes0. Later I lucked into a job at a little shop in town and started an apprenticeship under a very well known piercer in my area named Igor. After doing this and loving it I then I decided to some frenum work on myself, after that I was into designs and wanted an iron cross through my but I only got my naval done twice. But the one piercing I had always wanted was my septum. For as long as I had been facinated with bod mod I had wanted it, I just never had the nerve to do it myself or afraid of what family would think. One day I got tired of yearning and got tired of everything and needed something new so I built up the courage to do it. Everyone I talked to said it and the nipples were the most painful, which made me excited(I dig the pain factor a lot),but also made me nervous. After all this was the nerve capital of the nose. The place I work is a music store/piercing studio and this is where I did my apprenticeship. The piercer i work under is Igor and he is probably the best piercer around here around here and the only reliable piercer that I trust. So I decided to ask him if he would do it. Now everytime I ask if he would do a piercing on me he usually puts it of or stalls or refuses. So the next time I worked with him(January 3rd 2000)I asked him if he would do it (I sort of harrassed him). He said he would think about it and honestly I was kinda counting on a "no" but he said "tommarrow" he would do it. I was extremely happy about that and the next day he did it right as I was getting ready to work. He had told me before that he didn't use clamps but he decided to anyway. I had chosen to be pierced with a 16ga. septum retainer so I could hide it from the family(who still to this day have no clue!!!) and hide it while I worked. He got the clamps and everything ready and I was growing very nrvous watching him prepare. Though I had been pierced several times before each time I'm nervous. He set the clamps in place asked if I was ready and proceeded to shove a needle through "one of the most painfull places to get pierced" and then he pushed the needle through and I looked at my self with a needle through the center of my nose and sat back down then he did the jewelry exchange smoothly and perfectly and it was over and I was on the ground sweating about to pas out and in tears....just kidding. It didn't hurt at all, in fact it was probably the most painless piercing i have ever had done on me. The only bad thing about it was that I could hear the needle ripping through every single nerve and the tearng sound was loud and annoying, but it didn't hurt. My eyes didn't even tear up or water. Igor then looked at me and said "Damn dude how did that not effect you?". To which I replied, "My friend I am superman" kidding again, I don't know how it didn't hurt, but it's all in the head if you think one way you feel that way think positive be positive or in my case be emotionally and phsically numb and everything's okay. At first it was crooked, but I didn't care because I'm probably going to stretch to about an 8 or 10ga. After it healed it was perfectly sraight and the healing was a painless two weeks. This was probably my favorite piercing experience because of the anticipation and painful rumors. I highly recommend it. - Thanks for checking out my story and please, please continue to change and evolve on your own. Try to take individuality as far out there as possible and fuck what everyone else has to say, and be real!!! No piercing for coolness or because your boyfriend or girlfriends want you to or to even prove your toughness. Just be you and be real. P.S. Don't brag about all your piercings it makes you sound like an ignorant ass person.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 09 Feb. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Igor
Studio: Davidsons
Location: Huntington+W.V.

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