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half asleep and getting a piercing

  1. my septum was definitely interesting... I don't have too much to say about it though, so I guess I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm a 16 year old kinda punk girl and the only other "real" piercing I have is my lip. If ya wanna read that experience it's called "my shiny silver appendage". I have two holes in each ear and I'm planning on stretching my lobes in the near future. They've been 14 gauge since September. My next piercing is going to be my inner conch, which I'll probably be doing next week (yay for having a job).
    Actually, I work at Harveys, so that's preventing me from getting any more facial piercings, I have to wear a labret stud without the ball on it in my lip when I'm working, which is a big pain in the ass. It kind of motivated me to get my septum pierced though since it can be so easily hidden. I only started thinking about getting it done about 2 weeks ago but I had to do something to celebrate my first paycheque! I never used to like septum piercings, or lip piercings. Then a couple people that I know got them done and I thought they looked pretty neat. I've wanted to pierce my nostril since I was thirteen but I'd probably get fired for it and now there's like twenty people in my school with them so it wouldn't be too different. There's only two other people at my school with their septums pierced and they're both guys. If you read the experience titled "and they said it would hurt" I'm the "sadistic weirdo" that came to watch. Hehe I'm not that scary at all. Now for the actual experience: I got it done two days ago. It was Saturday and my friend had called me at 7:18 a.m. telling me that our manager had changed the schedule and I had to come into work at 8 instead of 11. GRR! I convinced my dad to give me a ride to work so I made it there at 8:01. Very tired, and very hung-over. I was supposed to work till 4 but my friend got off at 3 and my "I dunno if he's my boyfriend quite yet, I guess he is" showed up a bit after 3 cuz he was gonna come with us. After my friend and my manager teased me for a while I convinced her to let me off early. We left to catch the c-train because we were meeting 2 more people downtown at 4:30. We got downtown around 4 so we went to a&b sound and I bought a couple cd's. Our friends showed up and we decided to go for coffee at Terra Nova, which is about 10 blocks away from SOS. My friend had convinced me to go another day to get pierced but I was totally set on getting pierced that day. There were some kids we know at Terra Nova so we just hung out and drank coffee for a while. I was getting really antsy so I was trying to convince them to come with me so I could get pierced. My "I dunno if I can call him my boyfriend yet" had to leave early and no one wanted to get up and walk to SOS with me. Finally around 8 I convinced Jenny to come with me since our 2 friends were kinda supposed to be on a date. We got there at 8:30 and Julie told me she could do it if I came back at 9 so I made an appointment, admired her awesome new tattoo and me and Jenny went to Wendys to get some food. Before I knew it, it was 9 and I was really nervous. Then I was like fuck it. I'm gonna do this now. So we went back to SOS I signed my life away. I managed to kill some time thinking up some clever allergies and how I heard about SOS. I wrote that my cat told me. I told the guy at the desk that I don't have a cat and he laughed at me. I don't know if he laughed because of what I wrote or cause I was half asleep. Anyways, Julie had most of the stuff ready so she told me to come back to the piercing room. We had already decided on a 16 gauge black retainer so she let me look at it to make sure it was ok. She told me that I just needed to clean it twice a day with bio-septic and use the goo in the package for the first four days, just like my lip. She reassured me by letting me know that she had never pierced a crooked septum although I already trusted her completely cuz she's fixed my lip ring for me a couple times and she knows what she's doing.
    She told me to lie back and relax and she felt around for a bit and then she marked and re-marked the spots making sure they were lined up. Then she put the (evil evil evil) clamps on. They hurt almost as much as the piercing itself. She told me to relax and take deep breaths so I did and I almost fell asleep then POP! Owee! I was like crap! that hurts! Then she put the jewlery through and stuck a bunch of q-tips in my nose to soak up the blood. It stopped bleeding pretty quick and she asked if I felt like headed. I did a bit so she told me to sit up slowly. She asked me if I felt okay and I did, I think I was just kind of shocked that I actually went through with it. I'm usually such a WIMP! I asked her if she had any lollipops and she asked my friend to go grab a couple because they were out in the hall. I thanked her profusely, paid at the desk and me and Jenny headed back to Terra Nova. On the way back Jenny told me that she had so much fun watching and now she wants to go watch more people get pierced. Sounds like me. When we got back I showed my friends, they thought it was pretty cool, and now my other friend wants hers done. The jewlery is pretty small, you can just see the two ends poking out. I really like it though. I went home on Saturday without flipping it up and my parents didn't even notice. My manager didn't notice it either. I haven't told my parents about it yet, I don't think they'll mid too much but I'm scared for some reason. Oh well, if you're considering this piercing, it does hurt, not as much as I thought it would. But it actually hurts. I'm a wimp though and I lived through it. Have fun piercing and email me if you have any questions!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 28 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Julie
Studio: Symbols+of+Strength
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta%2C+Canada

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