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New Septum for the New Year

et's start with some background information. I'm 22 years old, happily married, and I work in retail. I have 4 tattoos: small butterfly on right shoulder, nautical compass on left leg, start of a flower-themed sleeve on right upper arm, and mine and my husband's zodiac symbols intertwined on left shoulder. I had my right eyebrow pierced at one time but 2 months after I got it, facial piercings were deemed "inappropriate" at work. By the way, I work for a LARGE retail/discount chain and dress codes are store-specific. This wasn't a big shock to me so I took it pretty well. After I had to take my eyebrow piercing out, I started looking for other areas to put holes in. I thought about steching my lobes, which I had already planned to do, but that just didn't seem like enough for me. I found out that a septum could be pierced with a retainer, and it was set. I would have this piercing. That was about 6 months ago and I finally got it done on December 31, 1999. Do I know how to celebrate or what? I went to talk to my piercer last Monday to ask him about doing it, but all he had on hand were plain stainless steel retainers, and I wanted black. There is only one shop I have ever been to as a customer, and I feel I have really built a relationship with this guy. I'm not the type of person that gets a tattoo from this shop and that shop. I like to think body art is a more personal art form than that.

My next day off wasn't until Friday! Eek! "I have to wait ALL WEEK? Ok, I can wait. Just won't get sleep this week. Hey, Friday is New Year's Eve. That would be a good way to ring in the New Year.... yeah, we have to do this." I start telling people about my plans and and all I get (even from people who are pierced) is "Ouch!" and "That's going to hurt like a bitch!" My sister even makes a $20 bet with me that I would cry. Of course I discount these opinions, as I do about most opinions about pain. I believe pain is relative, and most people are big sissies. Friday finally gets here. I wake up at 9am even though my appointment isn't until 1pm. I wanted to make sure I didn't oversleep or something I suppose? I wake my husband up and drive him crazy for the next 3 and a half hours, till we leave for the shop. When we get there Brian, my piercer and tattooist, shows me the retainer he found for me. I ok it, he autoclaves the necessary equipment and we are ready. I am thinking this is going to hurt a little, but hell, it'll be well worth it. I sit in the chair and Brian gets ready for the task at hand. There are 2 men in the shop, watching from the doorway of the room and my husband is taking pictures for me. Brian measures and marks his targets, now inhale........ exhale.... and it the needle was through. I made a horrible face when it went through but I think that was a reflex action rather than pain reaction. My eyes watered very little compared to what I was expecting. Just a couple of tears in each eye - not even enough to smear my makeup. I felt like a superhuman being. I'm fairly sure I could have caught bullets with my teeth for the first few minutes afterward. Grown men were standing around watching in awe, I can only asssume they were expecting a scene of some sort. Sorry to disappoint you guys.
That was yesterday and it's still not sore like I expected. Really the most painful part of it all was a few drops of blood that dried and stuck the retainer to those itty bitty nose hairs. If I get any more I will soak them loose instead of pulling, to keep my head from exploding from the pain. I am very glad to have done this. People have different reasons for body modification, and I still don't have a clear picture of what mine are. Maybe it has some underlying psycholgical connection, maybe I just think it's decoration. Maybe it has something to do with proving to myself that I am strong enough to take the pain. I don't deal with emotional pain well, so that would be a good explanation. I just don't know. I do have several mods planned, so you may be hearing more from me in the future. Thanks for letting me tell my little story. And by the way, if my sister happens acroos this, you still owe me that $20.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 20 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Brian+Jones
Studio: Billy+Jack%27s+Tattoos+and+Piercings
Location: Bristol%2C+TN

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