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Holiday Septum

As many know, One facial piercing can get AWFULLY lonely. I had my Lip  pierced on my 18th birthday (September 10th 1999), and I went a while without  any cash, or a job. Christmas Rolled around, and I received Money. With that,  I grabbed two of my best friends, a video Camera, and we went to the piercing  Parlor. 
I had decided I wanted a septum because it was a very individual  piercing. Not many have it, and its a far cry from the tiny eyebrow rings, and  nose rings that the kids in school have
I was not nervous at all, because  Ally (Infamous in the body art world for the largest Gauged tongue ring) would  be doing the piercing. I entered the parlor, and was greeted by Ally, and the  owner lady. There was a crowd of preppy looking kids. They were bringing a  girl down for a tongue ring . HOW FUCKING TRENDY!!! The Girl was very  apprehensive, and told Ally To let me go first. Ally picked out some jewelry,  and sat me down. My 2 friends came in the room with me, with the video camera.  They were basically cool, except the wise asked questions they would sometimes  pop up. But Ally, I think, was enjoying our company.
Ally kept the door  open while she prepared for my piercing. I am an odd looking fellow (green  unispikes, Patched up pants, and my Nausea T-shirt) so the voyeurs in the  outside room (all very normal Abercrombie and Fitch Type People) were looking  in with anticipation, and disgust. The Mark was made, and the piercing was to  start
She Cleaned my nose out with cotton balls, and than prepared the  clamps. With her Left hand she held a cork to the inside of my right nostril.  I was told to Breath Deep. As I inhaled the needle as put up to my inner left  nostril, as I exhaled, The needle went through sending a tiny pinch, and a  strange feeling (endorphins or something). It was an extreme feeling. Just a  rush, an excitement, and something that made me feel extremely Tough, (stupid  huh)
My friends and I left the piercing place, with all the Preppies  staring at me, one kid gave me the thumbs up sign, the piercing was really  cool, but I really hated the jewelry. Ally gave me a curved barbell, where  only 2 balls were seen through my nose, like 2 silver snots, and it never  stayed even. 3 days later. I went with another friend to the parlor, and I  bought a hoop that had sharp spikes on the end. Very cool. I was told not to  put it in right away, but I succumbed to temptation, and put it in that very  night. 
I have to be careful with this jewelry it looks a lot better, but  I came down with a terrible cold 4 days later, I would just keep blowing my  nose, and picking it with tissues, and cotton swabs, and it got so stuffed up  it fell out one night. I woke up, in a panic, I ran to the bathroom with one  of the Orings, and the jewelry in my hand. I freaked out, because it wouldn't  go in at first, I get jabbing it through but, it wouldn't go it. I than took a  straight safety pin, and it slid in with ease. I positioned the ring as  straight as I could, and put it back in. I was relieved but one of the O rings  was missing. I went throughout school, having to be extremely cautious while  blowing my nose so my ring wouldn't fall out. 
After school, I had to take a  30 minute drive to the piercing place to get another 0 ring. I put it back in  its place, and I am a lot more cautious with the piercing
My septum was  pierced at 14 Ga. I'm aiming to bring it to 10, and stop. I fell that 14 gauge  is way to small, and if I wasn't so excited I would have saved money by  getting the prong ring in the first place, and I would have gotten it pierced  in 10 gauge. I have a lip ring. That is 12 gauged. I like the way it is, and  plan to keep it that way. 
I plan to finish off the triangle of Jewelry  with another lip piercing on my right lip. Other piercing I intend to get are:  2 barbells through my eyebrow, a bridge, another septum piercing, and a  labret.
I'm getting interested in Pocketing, and I think I would like to  learn how to perform this, my friend wants a phone jack implanted in his back,  I think this could be achieved through scarification, if you know how I could  do this, or have different methods, e-mail me

Ill keep you all posted and pics will be up soon.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 13 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: ALLY
Studio: Lifestyles
Location: Connecticut%2C+USA

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