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Septum/At Artistic Skin Designs

ittle about me I am 20 years old, I live in a little hillbilly buttfucker town here in Indiana where pierced and tattooed people are far from being accepted. I remember one day waking up thinking I want a new hole put in my body and I got to thinking about what I could get that I didnt see that often, and I came here to BME and looked up most piercings and found Septums. I had realized that I had actually wanted one for several years but I had always hesitated to actually getting it. Mainly because of my brother he had his done by a very unprofessional who did it on there patio, he also said that i hurt so bad that he actually passed out from the pain. Luckily for me I had a rather painless expierience. So later that day I called up David at Artistic Skin Designs he had done 3 of my previous piercings and I was beyond satisfied with his work. When I called I was told that he could do it later that day but he was going to be leaving early so he could go out and buy his daughters there christmas presents. So when 5pm rolled by I went and picked up my girlfriend Marilyn and her and I headed down there for me to get my new hole. I was so fucking nervous because of what my bro had told me about his. When I got there I talked to David about the piercing he told me it was great because I could hide it or make it super visible. He also told me that it was usually rather painless if my nose was normal. So I went over to the jewelery counter and picked out a 12g. 3/8 S/S circular barbell, to be put in my septum. So off he went to put the jewelery in the clave and he came out and got my license and went to the back and made a copy of it on the realease forms which I always sign without reading, hey I trust him so why should I care if it might kill me. After all that he informed me that when he does a septum he can either really hurt me or he can be nice and not, he said it depended on my nose. So next thing I know he comes out of the back room with my jewelery. He shows me the color of the arrows on the clave bag to show me it was sterile. Then he had me take a seat on the oh so infamous chair that i had been in before. He then gloved up, and started getting out supplies I always liked the way he got out his supplies he used a pair of claved hemostats to get things out so his hands never went into the containers. I remember he got out 2 betadine swabsticks, 1 benzalchonium chloride pad, 2 sterile bandages, a receiving tube, a toothpick, the needle, and a one use foil pack of bacitracin. Then he changed his gloves again, this time the gloves were blue. He then had me face him and he started cleaning out my nose with the betadine sticks one in each nostril he swabbed out each nostril for 1 minute, he then let that sit for a few seconds while he got the benz pad to get the betadine out of my nose, I liked this part because frankly betadine smells fucking nasty. He then wiped out my nose with the sterile bandages to get in dry inside after having him do the drying thing for like 2 minutes, he told me to lay down. I did and my girlfriend came over to hold my hand. David then took the toothpick and the receiving tube and felt around my nose and he finally found the sweet spot he then told me that was about the worst pain I will feel. He then changed gloves again and got the needle lubed and got things lined up in my nose tube on one side needle on the other, he told me to take some nice relaxed deep breaths and he never tells you when he is going to do it he just does it on the exhale, he did it on my 3rd exhale. I remember it didnt really hurt mainly just like a slight burning sensation no real pain. He then removed the tube and put a cork on the needle telling me he was doing this so we wouldnt get poked. e then put a little sterile wire in the barbell and put the wire in the needle he said he does this so he doesnt lose connection with the needle. He got it in and he had me sit up so he could look at it. He told me that the septum is very hard to get straight the first time he said something like 1 out of 10 comes out perfectly straight. But luckily mine did come out straight. Wel sat there and talked about after care for a few minutes, and he griped at my girlfriend for having a friend of hers pierce her tongue with a big ass sewing needle. He told me to clean it twice a day with ear care solution. I payed him and tipped him and I left. Healing went really well it was sore for a few weeks but nothing bad, there was hardly any bleeding. The crusties were annoying but I took care of them. I have since stretched my septum to a 10g. I would say to anyone go for it this piercing really kicks ass. I went to see David 2 weeks later to see how my piercing was doing, he said it looked like it was doing fine. David was the best piercer I have ever had, but sadly he quit Artistic Skin Designs for some reason, nobody there will tell me shit. So I am in search for a new good piercer in the Bloomington, Indiana area. I had my septum done Dec.23 1998. I currently have both lobes stretched to half inch, I have both of my traguses done, I have my eyebrow done, labret, both nipples, and my PA, and of course my Septum which just fappens to be my fav of them all. Feel free to message me about any of my piercings. Later All and Happy Holing


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: David
Studio: Artistic+Skin+Designs
Location: Bloomington%2C+Indiana

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