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My Terrible Nose Piercing At Village Street Wear

while now I have wanted my nose pierced. I have several tattoo's and a few piercings. I go on BME all the time and after reading peoples experience it helps me know what's going to happen and what to expect. That's why I know after what happened to me I had to write about it for other people. My Experience with getting my nose pierced is not a very good story to hear but if you are thinking about getting it done you gotta read this, Hopefully what happened to me will not happen to you. I Live in N. Y and was told that a good place to get pierced is village street wear in Bellmore. It's not a Tattoo place or a piercing place it is a novelty store who just so happens to pierce. I should have known that this place was not that great. They take you in a tiny back room and make you sit on a dirty old computer chair. Where they pierce is a bathroom. The toilet is still in there. That's very reassuring when your getting pierced to look over and see a toilet I got my eyebrow done there in June and it healed fine. I walked in last Thursday and told them I wanted my nose pierced. The girl picked out this little tiny stud which I found out later was a 3.99 piece of crap. She took me in the back and cleaned it with alcohol and marked it. The spot was pretty high up but looked good. I told her it was ok. She stuck a big clamp up my nose and told me to take a deep breath. She took out this needle from a new package along with a clamp. The needle looked like a big upside down V. She pushed it through my nose. It hurt a lot but After it was over it was well worth it, Or so I thought. She told me that it didn't have a back so to be very careful with it. The earring was basically a plain cheap stud that she bent alittle bit to kinda stay in my nose. I paid her and walked out. That next day I woke up and the earring was totally out of the hole. I panicked right away cause it was bleeding and out. During the night it swelled up and fell out. I grabbed the earring jabbed it through even though it hurt like hell and ran back to street wear. In a matter of 15 minutes the back of the hole closed. When I got there she tried to get it back through and told me I needed it Re-Pierced. Now the earring is less the 24 hours old and EXTREMELY SORE. She takes me in the back and does it again. Again she puts the same type of crappy stud in. She told me this one was a little bit longer which was bull. Because while I was walking out I saw they were all the same size. I also learned the price of it. I walk out almost in tears from pain. When I got home I took Such good care of my nose piercing I cleaned it and at night with salt water and bactine and ear care like I was supposed to and didn't play with it either. I put a Band-Aid on it at night to keep from moving around or falling out. A lot of help that did. The day after Christmas I woke up and again the ring was out. (what a surprise) I jabbed it back through and waited till I could get to a local piercer In Lynbrook. When I walked in the guy took one look at the earring and started laughing. He couldn't believe what a crappy earring she used. And he also mentioned that he wouldn't recommended piercing with the bended needle cause the hole was so far up that if she missed she would have hit my septum And that I could have been REALLY hurt if that happened. He tried alittle bit to get a 16 Gauge hoop in it but the back again closed up and the pain was to much to have it pierced again. Now Im going to have to wait 3 days and go and have it Re-Pierced for the 3rd time and gauged to fit a normal size ring in it. My best advice for people who want there nose pierced DON'T GO TO VILLAGE STREET WEAR. They are not clean. And apparently they don't know what they are doing. There Rude and Don't take the time they should to help you. I was stupid for going there in the first place I hope my story has helped you. It seems kinda scary but for those short times I had my nose pierced I loved it. I love all my piercings and I think they are great. And I think everyone should get at least one in there lifetime. Good luck Jen


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 03 Jan. 2000
in Nose Piercing

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Artist: Some+girl+who+had+no+clue+what+she+was+doing
Studio: Village+Street+Wear
Location: Bellmore+N.Y

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